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  • Re: Clonie vs. Full Tilt-The One with the Amended Complaint

    04 Feb 2009

    This is really interesting stuff. As I alluded to in an earlier comment with respect to this case, the rubber will meet the road for FT when they have to testify with respect to the operation of the various companies and the contractual arrangements with other members of the FT Team. Looks like that will […]

  • CSR Report

    09 Jul 2008

    TBR down and stinks at poker.

  • End of day 1

    07 Jul 2008

    Nitted it up for t hours. Was down to 21 and flopped a set on last hand of night. 27100 going in to day 2. Super structure. Not super short.

  • End of level 4

    06 Jul 2008

    32300. Played like a goon. Had like 9 high pocket pairs and managed to misplay most of them. The 95 year old dude who made the espn telecast last year is at my table (Jack something?). He made a big bet on the river against this guy and the guy tanks for over five minutes. […]

  • End of level 3

    06 Jul 2008

    32800. Played basically one hand, kings, and played it to get my opponent to bluff 5k on the end. Sorta goofy but it worked.

  • End of level 2

    06 Jul 2008

    27000. Big starting hands, aces twice, jacks once. Won small pots. Made pretty big bluff by Firing three barrells into the calling station and somehow he folded on the end or I would have been at 13.

  • End of level 1

    06 Jul 2008

    23,100. Won a small pot with 62off, heretofor known as the off-noodle.

  • 2000 NL

    12 Jun 2008

    2100 at first break

  • CSR Report

    07 Jun 2008

    Won golf tourney. Go batfaces!

  • CSR Report

    29 May 2008

    Take two