Final Table Bound

by , Jun 5, 2007 | 1:42 am

tom1.JPGLAS VEGAS–They’re down to 11 10 players in Event 5 – Omaha/7cs Hi Lo – $2,500, and Tom is still the chip leader, with more than a quarter of the chips in play — and a goofy hat that says “Beyond the Table” on one side and “Oops I Won Too Much Money” on the other. He’s got Annie Duke and Chris Ferguson to his left. Also still alive: Josh Arieh, Scotty Nguyen, John Phan, David Benyamine, and Chris Bell.


While writing this post, Steve Hall, unaware of what I was doing and who Tom Schneider is, says, “That’s amazing. John Phan is almost at the final table in the 7-card-stud-Omaha event … You have to actually know poker for that … It looks to be an amazing final table.”

Indeed, Steve, it does. This final table only may or may not be televised. It will be up to ESPN whether to broadcast Tom’s game (is it premature to call it that?) or the $1,500 PL Hold’em final table, featuring Gavin Smith and Marco Traniello. Anyone know any lobbyists?

Also, Mr. Fresh Princess is alive and slightly above average in the $1,500 limit event, and Julie Schneider — Mrs. Donkey Bomber — is thriving in a second-chance tourney in the back of the room.

UPDATE: Tom made it … busted out Arieh to seal the final table deal … he’s got a third of all the chips in play. Mr. Fresh Princess is now hanging “by a thread.” And Julie got knocked out with Ace-Queen … but what’s really funny is how she plowed through the roped off area to tell Tom about it while he was in the middle of a hand.

11 Comments to “Final Table Bound”

  1. son of sue

    Congrats Tom.

    Is it just me or is that poker table more kitchen tabley round, instead of the classic poker table shape? Are these just used for the Stud and mixed games?

  2. on tilt

    nice job tom.

    hopefully you can title the next book “Oops, I won too many bracelets”

  3. Bandersworth

    Is there a site to get live updates? I am anxious to hear how things played out for Tom?

  4. Ed

    Poker News is where I have been going. With Tom on the final table the will have no choice but to mention him more in the updates. Now if they would just get us some more pics of him. Where is Jen Browning when you need her and that awesome eye for a great photo.


  5. Mrs Donkeybomber aka Julie Schneider

    Just to set the record straight, I was not in the second chance tourney. I was in the $1500 limit hold-em where I made it through 80% of the field before I got cold-decked. And I waited for Tom to muck his hand before I spouted off about my sick beat. Anyway, thanks for all the support and well wishes for Tom. He better kick some ass today or I’ll be kicking his.

  6. DanM

    Julie, my bad(s) … I thought it was a late-night $500 event you were in, based on the location of the room. And also bad reporting on my part about the ace-queen hand. Apologies. I was confusing it with that other time yesterday where you bowled over the security guard to make out with Tom, sorta mid-hand.

  7. Tiny B

    Those of us who have followed Dan’s WSOP “reporting” over the last couple of years are shocked to learn that Dan was mistaken about the facts of a tournament. Over/under on “bad reporting” by Dan for the rest of the trip is 17.

  8. Ed

    Can I put $25 on the under? (I still have a little faith in Dan.)


  9. DanM

    Go Ed! Boo Tiny B!

  10. Mulry

    Go Tom!

    Live updates here:

  11. uncle ray

    Ed, I applaud your faith in Dan, but remember there are over 50 events this year and a gazillion weeks to go. Sorry Dan, I love you, but I gotta say over.