by , Jun 14, 2007 | 7:02 pm

LAS VEGAS–As the WSOP rolls through Week 2 (of 7), we’re in the midst of some hi-technology upgrades here at Pokerati, like signing up for FLICKR. Sorry it has taken me away from giving you all the lowdown. I also blame Tom and Michele for doing well. Very distracting to pay attention to your friends/correspondents.

TOM SCHNEIDER, interestingly enough, is atop the leaderboard in the WSOP Player of the Year Standings. Dude, wow. Keep it up. He busted out early — almost by design — in the $1,500 Pot Limit event today. (So early that PokerNews didn’t even take notice.) He’s now getting started or the $3,000 World Championship of 7-stud Hi Lo.

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Also, check out my coverage of the WSOP CASH GAMES over at PokerWorks. Fun!

And this is a must-must-click for fans of THE BLUFFSTER. It’s NOLAN DALLA’S new web show that starts off with a Masterpiece Theatre kinda thing in front of a fireplace, before he walks into banks seeking loans to play in poker tournaments. Interesting perspective on what JAMIE GOLD is trying to overcome.

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