Second Bracelet on the Horizon/Table!

by , Jun 30, 2007 | 8:22 pm

LAS VEGAS–Tom Schneider is heads-up for his second bracelet of the 2007 WSOP — against Hoyt Verner from Orlando (who finished 8th in this event last year). They go into their mano-y-mano dead even in chips, 570k to 570k. With this guaranteed 2nd place finish, Schneider moves into first place in the WSOP Player of the Year race — a spot he could virtually lock up with a win here.

The two remaining players took off to the bathroom together — theoretically to discuss a deal. But they returned with no unofficial gentleman’s agreement in place, deciding the money differential was small enough to just play for it all as-is.

Money on the line:
1st Place — $147,713
2nd Place — $82,064

UPDATE: Tom is starting to put the beatdown on Hoyt now. Will have to get a little unlucky to lose it here. TJ Cloutier has shown up to watch the action. (He says “hi” to Karridy.)

Tom wins!
First player to win two bracelets in 2007. Goal of making three final tables secured. Nice job — busting out just before the bubble was so 2006.

12 Comments to “Second Bracelet on the Horizon/Table!”

  1. Lisa, Robert's Girlfriend

    Yay Tom!!! I’m so excited for you! Wish I was there. Good job!!! Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies whenever you want them!!!

  2. Short-Stacked Shamus

    WHOO HOO! Get on that happy train, everybody!

  3. VBDave


    that is all

  4. SitNGoSteve

    Tom – you can definitely afford that $3,000 for the “cheapest beggar” submission now… This vaults Tom into 1st place in the WSOP Player of the Year standings – WAY TO GO Donkey Bomber!!!

  5. Kajagugu

    Un-F’ing-Believable!!! Tom should now write a book called “Oops, I won too many bracelets”.

  6. The First Bracelet

    So, I wasn’t good enough for you, you had to go find another younger, more recently cast model. Well fuck you, Tom. I’m outta here. I hope you and your new bracelet are very happy together.

  7. Ed

    Congrats again Tom!! Dan should throw you a big party in Big D when this is all over.


  8. 2nd bracelet

    i cant wait till he potbs me, how was it bracelet #1

  9. Anonymous Asshole

    Way to go Tom……Congrats from a loyal listener of beyond the table.

    …..And all I wonder is how many more people will listen to “Beyond the Table” moving forward or if Tom will get “too big” to do the show anymore due to “too many committments.”

    AA out

  10. Ed

    maybe they can afford a good writer now. 😛


  11. on tilt

    Wow, someone stole my idea for tom’s next book title. That’s ok. I can prove i had it first….assuming pokerati is viewed by the trademarking people as a “reputable and credible” site. lol

    Congratulations Tom. see if you can knock down one more bracelet before it’s over….main event, maybe?

  12. DanM

    I wonder when you all will figure out that this is as staged as the moon landing. Very fake.