Unsafe Deposit Boxes

by , Jul 3, 2007 | 11:12 am

LAS VEGAS–EF Hutton one of my MySpace friends whom I didn’t even know I knew reportedly had $32,000 stolen from his room at the Rio. It wasn’t like it was just lying around the nightstand … it was locked away in a safe:

The way this clearly appears to be a targeted break-in makes you gotta wonder if other high-stakes poker players haven’t been followed back to their rooms. Fortunately, you can always rely on the Rio (and Harrah’s) to make things right. They’ve offered Hutton a $750 settlement. Sounds fair, no?

Click below for the details straight from the victim’s MySpace blog.

July 2, 2007 – Monday

Rio Theft Update

I got a call from the Rio today and the are offering me a huge settlement!

$750.00 F****ING DOLLARS! Boy I jumped right on that one! You have got to be friggin kidding me. Well they say it’s an insurance issue and that is the max the safe is insured for. It doesn’t say it on the safe , but according to the person I am working with at the Rio says it’s in small print on the door under the fire escape plan! Guess I must of missed that when I was reading how to escape my room after I realized I was on fire!

I am beyond pissed off as you can tell. What this tells me and they admit fault. Of course I am not going to take $750.00 dollars when $32,0000 was stolen. Please someone tell me that I am crazy that a Hotel chain such as Harrah’s is better then this??? I have spoke to 2 top law firms here in Vegas and they both said that since they are offering a settlement they admit fault. But they could have an out by the disclaimer on the door. Basically what I am hearing is they are affraid to take on Harrah’s. Like I said in my previous bulletin I am the highest status card holder you can get at Harrah’s and wouldn’t you think they wouldn’t want to lose a player that has been known to spend that is just one night, not bragging at all but I have and certain points and taken as much as $100k + off of tables in one night which got me that status at Harrah’s, but all in all I am just a Poker Player, I am not a lawer, nor do I know what Hotel policies are as I have never seen such a poor handling of a situation.

What would you do at this point if you were me and you came back to your room after a long day of playing poker and found $32,000 stolen from you!?

I am speechless at this point so all I can think of is how would they like to get 2000 emails from 2000 of my friends!

I am trying to be a positive as possible and thanks to all of you countless emails and messages of support I got, even from some of the top Professional Poker Players that have offerered help in anyway they could, this isn’t about money to me as much as principle because that is what I have based my life on. But I am about ready to go postal !!!

Hope someone is having a winning day as I am not! I am beyond perfect , but I have always done my best to help others anyway I can. I have been dirt poor and earned every dollar I have myself and never asked anyone for a dime. Things are worse going on in the world and I keep telling myself that, and someting good always comes from something bad, but this is pretty bad as I could of put 3 players into the World Series or done some real good with that amount of money and some jerk off that stole it probably got drunk and blew it all on a craps table somewhere. That is what is so upsetting and many of you that know me I rarely get upset nor amd I ever down. Some I hope there is some resolution to this madness as I was a victim of a theft in a Hotel that I have supported and trusted, Like Zman told me on the phone, if I was to steal $25.00 from someone at a table I would be in jail and the Casino would prosicute as they should, but I can be stolen from and such a large amount and they do nothing! Amazing… If I drank I would go get wasted right now, but I guess it’s not too late to start drinking!

Love you all and all I can do is be greatfull of all the support I have had on here and outside of myspace as well many of my poker friends in the Amazon Poker Room at the Rio!

-EF Hutton

Jun 30, 2007 12:39 PM
Subject Calling all Myspace Friends! Advice Needed!
Body: Well MJ got her Bracelet stolen a bit back and most of you knew how bad that sucked. Well I got it worse yesterday!

Here how yesterday went down. I left my room at 11:40 am to play in the 2k at noon. I put approx 32k in the safe took about 14 k with me , I was already bought in. I came back to my room at 1st break to get my camera and noticed my room was a mess, I went to my safe and there were 10 and 5k money wraps all over and the safe was open. I called security and they called the police. The thief left a $100 bill on the top of the safe! Why someone would do that pissed me off even more. Security notice the door had been forced open but have no idea how they got into the safe, since it’s key coded. Yes I locked it and my code was changed. The police took prints and the Rio security took photo’s and my statement. VIP services called me and said they are going to risk management to see what they can do since I am a Platinum Player almost a Diamond which is the highest you can get. My VIP Host says there is nothing she can do. The only person that has called me is VIP services asking what I want them to do . I want my friggin money! I posted 50k up when I got here so they know how much I had. I had not left the Rio since I got here and they track all my play. The door was clearly damaged the room as you can see from the photo’s. Local Channel 3 wants to do an interview ofcourse since they got the Police report, which will probably piss of the Rio .

So anyone will hotel or security knowledge would be great. Anyone with sound adivce would be great. Please don’t repond with “sorry that happened to you “as most of my friends here playing poker keep saying and I just want a resolution of some kind or Advice, I know you are probably sorry and I don’t want to hear that now. I hate people that steal and have no tollerance for the way the Rio is handeling this so far.

Thanks and have a winning day! -EF Police Pics Below. Hit me back with some sound advice!

Now here is the last post. there are some inbetween with updates of sorts.

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  1. Stan

    If this happened at the Montecito, the case would be cracked in about fifteen seconds.

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