WSOP Officials Say: Don’t Eat the Chips!

by , Nov 14, 2007 | 6:29 am

There was a story last week (that Tom and I discussed on the next episode of Beyond the Table) about the threat of lead contamination from poker chips. Considering the potential PR disaster for Harrah’s that could result from an Amazon Room full of players dropping dead from poisonous betting units, the WSOP has issued a statement reassuring us that they are looking into the matter and taking it semi-seriously:

Last week’s report by an Arizona television station concerning the lead content of casino gaming chips has resulted in several follow-up stories in the poker media.
Some stories were accompanied by illustrations of official World Series of Poker chips.

We bought new chips for the 2005 WSOP and supplemented that purchase in 2006 to replace missing chips taken as souvenirs the previous year. When we learned of the TV story, we contacted the chip manufacturer, which informed us of its position that when used for their intended purposes, the chips pose no health risk to the public.

We have taken steps to learn more about this matter as quickly as possible. Among other things, we have advised regulators in the jurisdictions where we do business of the TV report and expressed our willingness to work with them to resolve any issues arising from this matter if it’s determined that an issue actually exists.

Our top priority is the safety and welfare of our employees and guests. We are committed to resolving questions about this issue as quickly as possible, and we will communicate accurate information as soon as it is available. Should any corrective action be appropriate, we will take those steps immediately.

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  1. osinsh

    Well, plastic shopping bags ain’t pretty good for your health too…