Re: Comedy Poker Central

by , Feb 2, 2008 | 1:01 am

Shamus pointed out in a comment below that poker’s favorite academic, Charles Nesson, of the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society, may well be the Dr. Timothy Leary of Poker. Hmm … so to see what this Harvard Law professor is really all about, I did a Google search for “charles nesson” MINUS poker and found:

Wow. So obviously he is a total wackjob visionary genius little kooky not afraid to speak his well-reasoned mind. Over at Ivygate they call him “the William Shatner of Academia” … and tag his post with “batshit crazy.” The Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics says he’s “one of the country’s leading authorities on evidence law and a maverick in encouraging his law students to go beyond status quo legal thinking, to challenge authority, and to fearlessly innovate.”

But perhaps the most telling assessment of this poker “champion” (not to be confused with, um, a poker champion) comes from a commenter on his youtube vid:

Lumping Charlie Nesson in with the “douchebags” shows how grossly uninformed you are. Have you seen him on Stephen Colbert arguing for including poker in public school curricula? Making chemical companies pay through their nose for polluting people’s drinking water? Openly admitting that he smokes weed before teaching class?

He is a giant among men; you are the douchebag.

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