Single-issue Politics / Special-interest Poker

by , Feb 2, 2008 | 1:28 am

Super Tuesday is right around the corner, and Jason Kirk over at PokerListings runs down the remaining candidates and where they stand on the issues near-and-dear to online poker hearts.

The lack of information the candidates choose to make public regarding righting what is so obviously a political wrong to all the citizens of Pocket Fives suggests that, perhaps shockingly, re-legalizing online gambling and specifically poker, for almost all candidates of any sort, falls somewhere behind the following in terms of overall importance:

Health Care
Britney Spears

6 Comments to “Single-issue Politics / Special-interest Poker”

  1. Jason

    Don’t forget steroids in baseball!

  2. California Jen

    Super Tuesday!

    I’m a little too excited about it, but it should be a very interesting/news-filled day. The political junkie in me is coming out again.


    Jen, How many of the candidates do you know personally?

  4. California Jen


    If I knew the candidates, I’d tell ya. Right?

  5. Dan M

    Hey, semi-anonymous commenter, I like dropping names with the best of them. Just ask John Landis. I don’t know him personally, but Robert Wilonsky does … and he and I have played poker together a time or two with the likes of Clonie Gowen, Greg Raymer, David Williams, and Eric Celeste, so clearly I understand your point, but I don’t think you can really drop the names of politicians running for office in an election year, can you?

    I could be wrong but probably am not … because after all, I’ve had a 30-minute one-on-one conversation with George W. Bush, and once got really drunk with Prince Ali of Jordan (King Abdullah’s kid brother) … but all of that took place before the execution of Saddam Hussein, so you know …

    Hey, has anyone seen Paris Hilton lately?

  6. Jason

    Since Upton Sinclair, many have asked for Che Guevara, Josef Stalin, and Joseph McCarthy. But Randall Cunningham says Uwe Boll and Deepak Chopra are John McCain until Emperor Akihito, at which time Mark Cuban will Paul Phillips and the Idi Amin will be complete.