San Antonio Home Game Shot Up, Robbed
Player critically injured

by , Feb 26, 2008 | 9:53 am

Details are just starting to come in … but three armed men broke into a residence on the West side of San Antonio last night, shot one player in the chest (twice) and reportedly made off with about $3,000. The SA media is calling it a “high stakes” game — are we all sickwads to not see a $300 buy-in the same way?

Pokerati’s chief techdude happens to live in San Antonio, plays in games for the stakes mentioned above, and almost always carries a gun … he just also happens to not be reachable right now. Please no one be dead.

2 Comments to “San Antonio Home Game Shot Up, Robbed
Player critically injured

  1. Scott Chaffin

    OK, now I get it. I heard this on the damn radio all day, and I wondered if I knew anybody. I bet I did, but unconfirmed so far.

    The answer is No, I don’t play SA live games any longer. Too many loose lips, like the old days in Dallas, combined with too many gunsels in our midst (120 miles from the border) who think a $300 buyin is “high stakes.” They’re all literal home games, too, not legally questionable rooms which at a minimum can have some sensible precautions. And since nobody really likes a heat-packing 8-seat very much, I quit.

    As with a society, I say an armed game makes for a polite game, especially in an unbarricaded house. I bet those nancies wish that 10 would have been able to throw down on 3 now. Personally, I’ll take those odds any day. Maybe I will…I’ve got a couple of empty rooms, heh heh.

  2. Drizztdj

    Bah, I’d sit at any table with TFG packing heat or not just for the conversation. In fact, I’d feel safer if some players were holding if I knew them.