Does Choctaw Suck?

by , Jun 2, 2008 | 7:10 am

Cuong in Texas writes in with some beefs about a casino poker room in Oklahoma:

I was hoping you could shed some light on the Terrible Competence of Choctaw Casino. First, they lie about the numbers at the Choctaw Open, then will not publish results in Card Player, Etc or Send any other results to Poker groups on there Large Tournaments. I have contacted Managers and was told they were busy???WTF..Winstar always takes care of this quickly. I need results listed so my Investor can verify numbers. I will never play other Tournament at Choctaw Casino again. Please write a story on Choctaw so I can get others stories. Thank you,

Thank you … Can you tell us a little more about the numbers they supposedly lied about?

I do indeed have a story about Choctaw that I sadly haven’t finished writing yet. The last time I was there, I ran into Black James and his crew, who were extra-friendly with the poker room management. They took their seats at a 1/2 table (unable to convince us to play 2/5) and proceeded to remove more than half the money from the table in 45 minutes by doing a hyper-bet-collusion hit-and-run. That was obvious to me, and I suspect but can’t prove there might have been a little more than collusion going on when James’ no-look bet got an all-in reraise from my pocket queens and he pretended to be shocked to discover he had pocket kings.

Not at all suggesting Choctaw was in on any unethical behavior, but poker room operators were watching the action, so if they weren’t part of it, then what does that say about their ability to notice/put a stop to cheating. (James McDaniel, of course, is now back in prison for a parole violation connected to the deaths of a police officer and SMU coed.)

Anyone else have any Choctaw stories?

In the meantime, Cuonger, below are the results for the 2008 Choctaw Open, held last month in Durant, sent in by a fellow Pokeratizen:

“Choctaw Open, May 18, 2008
No Limit Hold’em tournament winners

1st Yong An
Tournament Finish
Finish Prize Fname Lname City St
1 $77,480 Yong An Irving TX
2 $42,380 Michael Sanders Jr Little Rock AR
3 $23,400 Bob Poole Rudy AR
4 $18,850 Johnny Standerfer Prosper TX
5 $16,250 Joseph Griffith Dallas TX
6 $13,650 Ronnie Hernandez Garland TX
7 $11,050 Nathan Bullard Terrell TX
8 $8,450 James Horton Lewisville TX
9 $5,850 Chris Ball Sachse TX
10 $4,160 James Cox Bokoshe OK
11 $3,380 Dave Gale Forney TX
12 $3,380 Damien Victorian Anna TX
13 $3,380 Timothy Helwig Lake Kiowa TX
14 $2,860 Joe Hamill Wright City OK
15 $2,860 Steve Justice Rowlett TX
16 $2,860 Nathan Williams Fort Smith AR
17 $2,210 Terry Cerutti Melissa TX
18 $2,210 Thomas Santin Fort Worth TX
19 $2,210 Dwayne Benoit Forney TX
20 $2,210 Robby Kimberly Ft Smith AR
21 $1,820 Daniel Phong Collins Dallas TX
22 $1,820 Greg Bullock Cumby TX
23 $1,820 Song Webb Richardson TX
24 $1,820 Charles Todd Millerton OK
25 $1,820 Michael Kennedy Sherman TX
26 $1,820 Michael Reese Frisco TX

9 Comments to “Does Choctaw Suck?”

  1. Former Player

    A friend of mine and I were frequent Choctaw players about a year ago. We received what could have been argued was favorable treatment. We got on tables faster, were allowed to call ahead to get on a list if there was a wait, always got comp’d hotel rooms when we needed and of course free food. They took an interest in how I was doing and were very attentive. But they never even hinted about doing anything underhanded. They were always very professional with the exception of Larry’s (room manager) lascivious remarks.

    The reasons I quit playing there had nothing to do with the staff. The crowds started becoming less reliable and I didn’t want to spend the gas and time to drive up there when I have a reliable game on my computer everyday.

  2. Tom Jones

    I agree. There is no action at Choctaw. I am not sure why. Manager with beard is very rude though. Make the trip tp Winstar for action!!!

  3. Casey Holmes

    I went to the Choctaw Casino Month End Tournament this week and 39 people showed up. It was terrible. Buy in was $230. What a waste of my time. They only paid 4 places. Can go back there because of the bad action.

  4. Should have gone to Winstar

    Two buddies and I drove up last night hoping for the (promised on the website) Midnight Madness donkament. Apparently, in Oklahoma, “Monday at 12:01 AM” does not mean two minutes after Sunday at 11:59 PM. Live and learn (call ahead)?
    There also weren’t enough cash games going for us to sit separately, and I can play these guys at home for free. We wound up driving to Winstar and donking around there for one hour too long.

  5. donkey

    Dan, looking at that list, I guess it goes to show you how Texas is supporting OK poker.

    Tom, quit promoting Winstar, bro, we know you work there…lol…you used to deal for me.


  6. Elliot Jones

    Ditto…Donkey Poker is at Choctaw…if you can find players..Try Tulsa or Norman

  7. Leena Ray

    I played at Choctaw Open on Saturday. What a Joke. Only 120 showed up. Was promoted at 500. Never again!!!!

  8. jonnydallas

    There are some truly terrible players at Choctaw. I play there often and rarely come home a loser. I’ve never really seen any collusion more than two guys who came together check all the way down. No big deal, really. I seriously doubt any of those dealers could stack a deck or deal seconds, or do anything on the order of purposefully dealing queens to one player and kings to another. I also seriously doubt there would be any involvement in cheating by management. They make a LOT of money. Any sort of cheating scandal would get them shut down by the gaming commission, or at least cause gamblers to choose to go elsewhere. Condoning or being involved in cheating in a poker game for maybe a few hundred dollars would cost them millions in blackjack/slot machine/bingo revenue.

    That they are ashamed that they tried to promote a big tournament and it didn’t make shouldn’t surprise you. I would want to put it behind me too. No wonder they aren’t publishing the results or generally want to talk about it.

    Some poker players are so damn whiny.

  9. someone who knows!!!!

    People before u complain there is something u have missed completely. The tournament never said Garanteed!it was just up to… Okay know you guys see the casino in the country would advertise “o probably around 100” so give them some credit it is an awesome poker room. And if u really think about it if all the players would go to choctaw then all the action would be there and here is the huge catch u get treated great, awesome there free meals,rooms. May not be 5 star yet. But think u didn’t have to pay for it!!!! FREEBIE!!!