The Real Skinny on the Future of High Stakes Poker

by , Jun 18, 2008 | 3:18 pm

Despite previous reports suggesting the possibility of otherwise …

High Stakes Poker is not moving to the Golden Nugget — and it hasn’t yet been renewed for a new season. At least not for now on paper in any way. This comes from a well-informed higher-up involved with Poker PROductions — the company that produces both High Stakes Poker and Poker after Dark.

To be clear, HSP has not been canceled … it just hasn’t been renewed yet. You know, fine line, kinda like “collateral damage”/”mass slaughter”. However, hold your breaths, HSP fans … because supposedly a more official announcement about the show’s renewal or lack thereof is coming, in about a week-and-a-half. From whom — GSN, NBC, HSP, Poker PROductions — we’re not so sure.

Where GSN’s relationship with the World Poker Tour fits into all this also is unclear — but obviously a relevant component.

But for now, Poker after Dark is definitely back on … rumored to have a cash game component, too … and will be moving from South Point Casino to the Golden Nugget. But that’s the least surprising, since this show is really a Full Tilt time-buy/infomercial with no reason to go away.

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5 Comments to “The Real Skinny on the Future of High Stakes Poker”

  1. Poker on TV

    Poker After Dark has already filmed two weeks of cash games for the upcoming season 4. Like regular shows, time buys don’t come back if the ratings/demographics aren’t good enough to justify the money spent.

  2. DanM

    Cool. I didn’t know that about PaD’s filming, but it totally jibes with other stuff I have heard.

    And duly noted on the time buys … Obviously they work for Full Tilt, or they wouldn’t keep going back to them. I’m suspect they currently see PaD as a success with the numbers where they are.

  3. olivert

    Almost every poker TV producer in the U.S. and his brother and sister are pitching to these days.

    There are just too many shows chasing too few ad dollars.

    We are going through a much-needed market correction.

    Granted, many of us will be ushered out of this industry and we will have to find something else to do because of this market correction.

  4. olivert


    I am surprised you haven’t asked the ONE person who now holds the fate of HSP and WPT in his hands.

    Hint: initials H.L.

    Either HSP and/or WPT return to U.S. television with new episodes as a F—T— bankrolled time buy, or they don’t.

    Didn’t your profs at J-school tell you to “follow the money”?

  5. Kevin Mathers


    What does Hugh Laurie have to do with poker?