Wisdom from Cardrunners

by , Jun 28, 2008 | 9:11 pm

As you may know, Cardrunners is the official sponsor of the WSOP satellite room, with no shortage of promotional banners on the walls. But the popular poker training website has taken promotions a step further by leaving fortune cookies on the tables before players take their seats. These aren’t your run of the mill cookies, either, as they contain special messages from Cardrunners. To wit:

“Tomorrow you will wake up with a monster. We aren’t talking about your girlfriend.”

“With thousands of people it’s difficult to stand out. Tomorrow, consider playing with no clothes on.”

And a “hammer” shout-out we bloggers take to heart that I wish most satellite players would also:

“Raise 7-2 offsuit and show the table. This will be good for your table image.”

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