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  • An international affair

    14 Jul 2008

          Although not as much of a melting pot as last year, the 2008 edition of the WSOP main event final table still looks to have a lot of international flavor. Of the 12 remaining players, four are from countries other than the United States. This includes two from Canada (Scott Montgomery and […]

  • Anteing a player apiece

    14 Jul 2008

    Blinds are now 80,000/160,000 with a 20,000 ante, which means antes are now equivalent to each player’s initial starting stack.

  • St. Louis roots for Dennis Phillips

    14 Jul 2008

    While doing some research on your final 14 I came across a forum called St. Louis Today in which Dennis Phillips’ citymates are rooting him on. Here’s what poster Tim McKernan had to say about the 53-year-old commercial account manager: I’m pulling for him big time. I played against him once…two weeks ago at Harrah’s. […]

  • For some it’s their first rodeo

    14 Jul 2008

    It’s always interesting when we reach the final stage before the end of the main event to see who will rise to the top. Of course, this game isn’t all skill, but in this spot real tournament experience is key. It makes you less likely to crack under pressure and more apt to make the […]

  • On top of the world (or at least Las Vegas)

    13 Jul 2008

    No, Hoyt, don’t do it! Hoyt Corkins sherpas Tuscaloosa Johnny to Red Rock Canyon for some fresh perspective and 2008 WSOP recovery. Nearly driven mad from the land of poker, I had the opportunity on Sunday to get out of town. Since Hoyt Corkins busted out of the main event on Saturday he now had […]

  • Vegas Redneck Chronicles Part 3: Death of a Redneck’s Bankroll

    13 Jul 2008

    I now limp to the finish line, licking my poker wounds. My dream of $25,000 in blackjack tournament winnings were dashed this morning when I narrowly missed making the third round at the Golden Nugget. It was the last grasp for this degenerate to win his fortune before returning home to Tuscaloosa. I only managed […]

  • Of posh palaces and roach motels

    12 Jul 2008

    During our bowling match last night (I am once again the Pokerati champ, thank you very much) Dan suggested I share my thoughts on Vegas casino hotels since I realized yesterday that I have stayed in seven different places during my trip to Sin City this year. The ridiculously high number is a combination of not being […]

  • Binion’s adds a variable cornucopia of tournaments

    11 Jul 2008

    Sure, Binion’s has become a bit run down (although a renovation of the poker room and tournament area are in the works), but if you want to try your hand at weekly tournaments in Vegas other than No-Limit Hold’em it is now the place to go. Starting this week, the downtown casino has added a variety of tournaments to its […]

  • Chip values

    10 Jul 2008

      Overheard today among two dealers leaving the Rio this afternoon. “I saw a $25 chip on eBay for $41.” “Really? I wonder what a $1,000 chip is worth.” Obviously, my curiosity level was high so I logged on to eBay to see what I could find. A seller who said he had entered the […]

  • Best name of the main event…

    10 Jul 2008

    …and he’s even a ‘Bama boy, hailing from Birmingham. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Zelong Dong. He started the day with 119,200 in chips and by PokerNews’ latest count is at 160K. Longest name award likely goes to Constantinos Economopoulos from New York. I think he may be Greek.