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  • WSOP Europe sats and regs

    10 Jul 2008

    It’s never too late to start planning for the poker action over the pond. Harrah’s is running a $1,500 + $70 mega satellite today for the WSOP Europe main event, and also announced the players can go ahead and pre-register here in Vegas at the WSOP cage if they plan to travel to London in September. The event […]

  • WSOP Miscellany

    09 Jul 2008

    Some notes from action today: It’s amusing to watch the guys run to and from the bathroom. It’s why I always try to refrain from drinking too many liquids during play. The halls are filled with men running either to the bathroom down the hallway toward the casino or out back to the pisser near […]

  • Riders of the Thunderdome

    09 Jul 2008

    If you’re in Vegas, you should really go see this. These guys ride motorcycles in this steel cage called the Thunderdome on Fremont Street. First, one guy rides around in the thing, doing 360s around the top and such, the two others follow. Then, two of them ride around in it. This is followed by […]

  • The 40th anniversary WSOP celebration

    09 Jul 2008

    The comments made at the press conference and the fact that our esteemed WSOP commish is reading and posting comments on our humble blog has got me thinking…what could Harrah’s do to recognize the occasion? Pardon me Jeffrey as I throw out some ideas. What do you think of these? A party/celebration honoring all living […]

  • The media event

    07 Jul 2008

    As the lone Pokerati participant in the annual WSOP media push fest, I tried to represent the best I could and made it through about half the field before succumbing to the blind onslaught (i.e. I ran 9-9 into A-A), but along the way there was fun. I had hoped to take out Jason “Spaceman” […]

  • The annual WSOP press conference….zzz

    07 Jul 2008

    You actually do often hear interesting information at these things, but this year the non-poker knowledgable media kept asking about the delayed final table that has already been discussed ad nauseum by the rest of us. Here’s a random Jeffrey Pollack quote about said decision: “We wanted to find a way to punch through pop culture […]

  • Putting the expose in exposition

    03 Jul 2008

      Concurrently with the start of the W-S-of-P Main Event we have the annual Poker Gaming & Lifestyle Expo, where vendors hawk their magazines, instructional services, card covers and testosterone boosters. Speaking of a boost, at the Gamma what-you-ma-call-it testosterone booth, a guy was painting a topless girl in green paint. Before you fellows get […]

  • Redneck Vegas Chronicles Part 2

    03 Jul 2008

    As I laid on my Binion’s bed watching the sunlight peek through the moth-eaten curtains this morning, I realized that the dream is over. No main event chance. No big payday likely forthcoming. I think I’ll be a much happier person tonight when my wife arrives and we move into much nicer quarters, but for now I’m […]

  • Of “Lumps” & Englishmen

    02 Jul 2008

      It had already been a wild and fun night in a loose 3-6 Omaha Hi-Lo w/ full kill game at Binion’s and I was about to call it a night at 4 a.m. when this drunk Englishman stumbled to the table with a fist full of chips. I could tell right away this guy […]

  • A night of charity with Phil Ivey

    02 Jul 2008

      The stars of poker filled The Grand convention center at the Golden Nugget Tuesday night for a charity event hosted by Phil Ivey. The recommended $1,000 donation with $500 rebuys and add-ons went largely to benefit the Budding Ivey Foundation, an organization started by Ivey’s mother and named after his late grandfather Leonard “Bud” […]