WSOP Miscellany

by , Jul 9, 2008 | 7:16 pm

Some notes from action today:

  • It’s amusing to watch the guys run to and from the bathroom. It’s why I always try to refrain from drinking too many liquids during play. The halls are filled with men running either to the bathroom down the hallway toward the casino or out back to the pisser near the poker kitchen. I guess it pays not to miss too many hands. Speaking of hands, do you think they wash them? No way.
  • Free gifts are always nice, but in the case of seat cushions they have gone down in quality. Main event players (and media event participants) got the green Everest Poker cushions to cush their tush, but these aren’t nearly as thick and comforting as the Milwaukee’s Best Light cushions they handed out in 2006.
  • Play is moving briskly today. As I write this players are going on dinner break, although many who played today have already hit the door. This place was bursting at the seams with players in Amazon, Tropical, Brasilia, overflow tables near Buzio’s restaurant and the Rio poker room. Now they’re all in Amazon and there are even plenty of tables with cash games going in there. According to PokerNews, there are about 1,700 players left in the main event as of 7:15 p.m. PST.
  • Ask Dan to post about garbage men and chip dumping. He had some interesting ideas on conspiracty theories…

3 Comments to “WSOP Miscellany”

  1. zach

    70% of the players run in take there piss AND DON’T WASH THERE HANDS

  2. tbonezz111

    If there is a side bet I will take the over on that one, IF.. it is not during a break.

  3. DanM

    ***It’s amusing to watch the guys run to and from the bathroom***

    You shoulda seen the buxom fake-boobied flimsy dress wearing blonde run to the bathroom today. As she tried to hold her top stuff in as she bounced briskly to the “posh” luxury port-a-pots, she gave the crowd a full-fledged backside marilyn monroe. heads turned.