How Red America Sees the WSOP

Semi-live blogging Dennis Johnson on Fox News

by , Jul 19, 2008 | 7:05 am

Was just watching a little early Fox News, and the weekend hosts got visibly excited about the World Series of Poker. Their hedline: “Average Joes Taking Over.” Wha? Apparently the Fox reporters/interns aren’t reading Wicked Chops. Idiots But regardless, dead money is dead money, right?

“That’s why we like it so much, because the underdog can win!” cooed Ainsley Earhardt. Coming up is one of those Average Joes, Dennis Phillips. From there the Fox-branded morning sunshine went on to a story about cadaver dogs being called in to search for a two-year-old girl, and then the weather. My personal chills subsided.

Go delayed final table!


Interview starts with “This is wonderful stuff, the World Series of Poker”

Dennis appears, wearing STL ballcap and logo on his shirt. (Boo, St. Louis!)

He refused sponsor money for his cap.

“I’m a 53-year-old truck salesman, I’m not going to go around wearing a hat backwards. It’s just not going to happen.”

Headline under random, low-quality footage from the WSOP (as if the lighting situation in the Amazon room were new to them or something) — Poker-Palooza: Average Poker Guy Takes Vegas

The key to his success at the WSOP was having fun the whole way.

Dennis is not married and has no kids.

The Fox News staff is rooting for him.

After a break, the extended crew comes back and has a discussion about how amazing his poker face is. They all give impressions, then asks who plays — I’m shocked that the two dudes who are so excited about poker say they don’t — and then they turn to Courtney Friel. She says that while he was hostess of the World Poker Tour, she herself wasn’t very good because she gave away her excitement over big hands.

They end the show with: “Go All-in with Fox & Friends!”

4 Comments to “How Red America Sees the WSOP ”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    If he’s selling trucks, they should get those guys from “Trick My Truck” on CMT to make him one. At least he’s not as bad as Richard Lee, who refused any sponsor gear, saying he would represent San Antonio (we saw what that got him).

  2. California Jen

    Go St. Louis!

    And Dan, I see that you got some good material from it, but why on this earth are you watching Fox & Friends? We need to have a talk. 😉

  3. Average Joe

    How dare you watch FOX?? Return to your MSNBC/CNN Obama-lovefest brainwashing sessions immediately. Examining both sides is not allowed. Like Jen, I like to avoid all media that challenges any of my pre-conceived biases, that way I don’t have do any critical thinking.

  4. DanM

    I watch Fox for the same reason I sometimes read Pokerati 2+2 … to see what the idiots are saying!

    Being semi-facetious here, of course, as I think Fox’s business shows are actually pretty good.