RE: The Low-Low on Logos

by , Jul 13, 2008 | 1:06 pm

According to Dr. Pauly, Phil Hellmuth was not allowed to flaunt his massive UB logo for the television cameras while seated at the ESPN feature table. The powers-that-be put duct tape all over the big round UB symbol on the front of Hellmuth’s jersey. No special treatment for the Brat today.

Wonder if the duct tape, along with his one-orbit penalty for berating another player at the end of play last night, will affect his play today. He only had 721K coming into Day 6, and if he doesn’t keep himself from Phil-tilt, he could lose it all.

UPDATE: No penalty for Hellmuth. Evidently, it was overruled! According to PokerNews, WSOP Commissioner said, “The penalty has been overturned, and we will be issuing a formal statement shortly.”

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  1. Kevin Mathers

    The “formal statement”:

    This morning Phil Hellmuth met with Jack Effel, WSOP Tournament Director, Howard Greenbaum, Harrah’s Regional Vice President for Specialty Gaming, and Jeffrey Pollack, Commissioner of the WSOP. Based on that meeting and an official review of the situation, it was decided that the penalty imposed on Mr. Hellmuth at the conclusion of play last night was excessive.

    “Warnings and penalties are intended to correct inappropriate behavior and our rulings should be as fair as possible, given the circumstances,” said Pollack. “In this instance, the punishment did not fit the crime.”

    “Phil has now been warned and put on notice in a way that he never has been,” Pollack added.

  2. tbonezz111

    What Ever !!!!! I guess it should come as no surprise to anyone that, as in life, there are those who have excelled in their professions, put in their time and overall are good for their “business” (Phil’s blowup, Scotty’s late entry, etc) that will always seem to get “the breaks”. Only thing they really have going for them is they know who to go bitch to and get their way. Crime or Knowledge of the game? You tell me!