So Who’s Advanced so far at The River?

by , Aug 19, 2008 | 7:37 am

Anyone got any updates from WinStar? So far 60 people have moved on … presumably 60. Yesterday’s field didn’t sell out — like 265ish runners or thereabouts. Not sure if they stuck with 10 percent of the field moving on (26 or 27 players) or went with the full 30 to keep Friday’s Saturday’s action at a nice, round 150 players fighting for the final table.

Surely some names we know and care about have advanced, right, along with some others that we don’t yet know we care about? I’ve reached out to my hookups at WinStar, but let’s just say they’re no Nolan Dalla … so info is hard to come by.

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  1. Grunkzzz

    They are pushing 10% of the field. So 26/27 moved on yesterday.

  2. TBR

    Unfortunately, Batfaces Tiny B and Darling went out during level 5 yesterday. I am playing tomorrow. Have not heard anyone else. FYI–the final 150 come back Saturday, not Friday, in case any readers get confused.

  3. tinyb

    Darling made it to Level 6. He would want eveyone to know he outlasted me.

  4. DanM

    Duly corrected, TBR.

    Preliminary days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday … day off Friday … Final 150 Saturday.

    (For some reason I thought they were playing to a final table, and then coming back … but not the case, so should be a LONG Saturday, unless they choose to accelerate the blinds — as they did last year — right when the money starts to matter.)

    Good luck, TBR … can we say CSR? And collective bummer/hugs to the Phillips’ boys.

  5. DanM

    P.S. We want pictures! Who’s got pictures? I tried … but nothin’!

  6. Brian

    27 players moved on from yesterday. On Sunday TJ Cloutier was knocked out really early.

  7. Steve justice

    Lonny Hardcastle of “Team Texas” made it on Monday with 177,000 in chips. I play on Wednesday. Lonny said blinds structure is too fast and blinds are 40 mins.

  8. Grunkzzz

    According to what I heard there wont be 150 people on Saturday, since only 27 moved on wedensday, and none of the other days are sold out that I am aware of. They move 10% of the field forward.. So if it ends up being like 138 or something they will redo the prize pool for 138 people not 150.

  9. ItsOverJonny

    I’m guessing that Winstar never stopped to think what they would do if the event did not sell out. If the $3 Million is guaranteed, and they have already published the payouts for 150 spots, why not just take 30 from each day? It’s not like it’s terribly unfair that the folks on Sunday had to outlast a few more people than Monday’s runners did.

    I’m laughing my ass off and hoping that Winstar has to come out of pocket for $250k or more to cover the overlay.

  10. DanM

    Dude, that would be pretty lame if they lowered the prize pool. I do remember seeing some fine print saying “based on full capacity” or something like that. But you would think they would just eat it considering how much action the “promise” of $3 million generated in their cash room.

    At the same time, I bet if they promoted a $2.86 million tourney, it would be attended by about the same number.

  11. ItsOverJonny

    I re-read the rules yesterday, and there is no contingency about the number of entries. And the logo for the tournament clearly says ‘Guaranteed $3,000,000 Poker Tournament’. Would they have to balls to renege on that? Of course, I hope they do in order to feed my loathing for Winstar, but it certainly isn’t worth the PR backlash. But then again, they know “If you pitch it, they will come” regardless.


  12. david

    Today was another short-sell day… not a sell-out less than 270 runners….

  13. ItsOverJonny

    Sweet, they’re up to about $120k overlay

  14. DanM

    here’s their technical out (emphasis added):


    6. Any situation or dispute not covered by the rules governing “The River” Poker Tournament will be resolved by the Chickasaw Nation in a manner deemed by the Nation to be the fairest to all concerned. Any such decision shall be final and binding on all participants. In addition, the Chickasaw Nation reserves the right to void any entry, and/or change, cancel or modify this tournament at any time. Upon any dispute regarding this tournament, participants may file a Prize Claim with the Chickasaw Nation, Office of the Gaming Commissioner.

    Man, it’s amazing what crappy dealers will do to your attitude about a place. Just last week ItsOverJonny was reminding us that this was likely going to be the biggest non-WSOP >$2k tourney ever … (and it still probably will be even without being full) … and now, after two tourneys in a row of terrible card-pitching, he’s rooting for it to topple.

    As always, I’m just rooting for good poker. So I’m happy it’s big, but I hope it doesn’t fall apart while still going on, as I want all the remaining players to feel they won their money cleanly, fairly, and from people who care more about them as people and not just entry fees.

    Think this is possible from a poker-room in a tent that is making money hand over fist?

  15. Alicia

    I was hoping to sell my Thursday entry, but it doesn’t appear that I’ll get the price I was wanting. Dang it! Guess I’ll be playing on Thursday.

  16. Grunkzzz

    I might sue if they dont distribute the full 3,000,000

  17. ItsOverJonny

    Good luck Grunkzzz. You realize that State and Federal courts have no jurisdiction over Winstar in civil matters, right? Any civil actions are decided by the Tribal Courts of the Chickasaw Nation. When you sign up for the tournament on the day you play, one of the things you agree to (yes, I actualy read it) is that you recognize the jurisdiction of the Chickasaw Nation over all aspects of the event and that any disagreements will be subject to that jurisdiction.

  18. david

    I had a buddy that played today and paid $1500 for his chip at 10am……plenty of people had chips for sale..wonder how many paid dead stack they had?????

  19. Grunkzzz

    Yeah I just wanted to cause them problems. I don’t actually expect to win anything. I also hope I don’t have to worry about it.

    Anyways I will take a few pictures with my iphone.

    Wish me luck or something.

  20. David

    good luck!!! get your money In bad and get lucky….LOL….That is the winstar way of poker…….

  21. ItsOverJonny

    Good luck Grunkzzz!

  22. Whit Blanton

    I played yesterday. Made it to level 9. Crappy structure indeed! I was free rollin’ though 🙂

  23. DanM

    Way to let Team Pokerati down, Whit. I’m very disappointed in you.

  24. Warren Hudson

    For those of us who are late coming to the party, how about giving me a little bit of the reason you got the red-a$$ for Winstar – itsoverjonny ?

    I’ve played Hollywood in Shreveport and will NEVER go back, even if they sent a helicopter,

    I was at the final Sat night. Except for lack of audio in the studio, I thought it was OK.

  25. ItsOverJonny

    Warren – click my name/link and read my couple of blog entries regarding Winstar. Or don’t if you are easily offended. In a nutshell, my problems revolved around the incompetence and lack of professionalism by Winstar dealers and the incompetence, arrogance, complacency, and overall lack of planning and preparation by Winstar management for the biggest poker event that this region has ever seen.