Data Dilemma

by , Sep 19, 2008 | 5:39 pm

Seeking some reader feedback … not saying I’ll listen, but still …

The WSOP-Europe is underway. Should the money/metal won in these bracelet events count toward national success in Pokerati’s semi-official WSOP World Standings?

Never mind, I’ve already answered the question. Click below for Nolan’s Notes from Day 1 of Event #1, er, I mean Event #56:

2008 World Series of Poker-Europe
Casino at the Empire
(Leicester Square) London, England

Event 1 — Day 1-A
Tournament Notes:

·        World Series of Poker-Europe includes the final four gold bracelet events of the 2008 season.  WSOP events 1-55 were played in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 28 through July 14.  Events 56-59 are played in London, England from September 19 through October 3.

·        All WSOP-E results are included in WSOP records — including all-time wins, cashes, final table appearances, etc.

·        This marks the second consecutive year of WSOP-E, presented by BetFair.  In 2007, three gold bracelet events were played in London.

·        All four events this year are played at Casino at the Empire, located in Leicester Square, in Central London.  Leicester Square is best known as the theatre district of the city.  Casino at the Empire is part of London Clubs, International, which is owned by Harrahs Entertainment.

·        The turnout for Event 1 was sufficiently large enough that two starting days (broken into 1-A and 1-B) were necessary.  Day 1-A attracted 191 entries.  Day 1-B will be played Saturday, September 20th, starting at 1 pm.  Day 2 will be played September 21st.   The final table will take place on September 22nd.

·        Casino at the Empire holds 25 poker tables.  Gaming tables were removed during the 16-day duration of WSOP-E in order to make necessary room for the large turnout of players and spectators.

·        All WSOP-E tournaments (except H.O.R.S.E.) are played nine-handed, whenever possible.

·        This is the first WSOP gold bracelet event played in 66 days.  The last event, the $10,000 buy-in world championship, took place through Monday, July 14th, when play was suspended at nine players.  The “November Nine” (Event 54) returns to Las Vegas on November 9-10, 2008 to determine then 2008 world champion.

·        The first day of WSOP-E began with a short pre-tournament ceremony.  Tournament Director Jack Effel, who has overseen floor operations for all WSOP events since 2006, was joined by two impersonators, resembling pop icons Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.  Last year’s WSOP-E Main Event champion Annette Obrestad was awarded the honor of starting the tournament, with the customary “Shuffle Up and Deal” announcement.  Obrestad was also presented with several miniature cakes, as she had celebrated her 20th birthday just one day earlier.

·        Two gaming executives were also on hand to start the tournament.  Michael Silberling, Chief Operating Officer of London Clubs, International, and Ben Freid, Head of Poker for BetFair, welcomed players with introductory remarks.

·        Players started with 6,000 in tournament chips.  Starting blinds were 25-50.  Day One included eight levels.  Each level was one hour in length.

·        The buy-in amount for Event #1 was 1,500 English pounds (GBP), which is equivalent to about $2,755 (USD) at the current exchange rate.

·        BetFair, official tournament sponsor of WSOP-Europe, sent 104 players to Event 1.  One of the qualifiers was 26-year-old Simon Fox.  He won a 1,500 (GBP) entry fee, a free poker lesson from 2007 WSOP-E champion Annette Obrerstad, and his own private masseuse for the duration of the tournament.  Fox was also given (believed to be the first time in poker history) his own “railbird,” who was paid to attend and cheer on the aspiring poker star.  Unfortunately, the rent-a-railbird tactic did not work for Fox, as he busted out on Day 1-A.

·        Several notable former WSOP gold bracelet winners and poker pros played in Event 1, on Day 1-A.  This list included Phil Ivey, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Erik Seidel, Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, John Juanda, Thor Hansen, Max Pescatori, Layne Flack, Brandon Cantu, and Chris Bjorin.

·        Play began at 1:25 pm and ended at 12 midnight, at the conclusion of Level 8.

·        The “End of Day 1-A” chip leader is four-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu, from Las Vegas, NV.  He has 74,900 in chips.

·        When play resumes on Day 2, survivors from Days 1-A and 1-B will combined.  Play will continue with blinds set at 600-1200 and antes at 100.

2 Comments to “Data Dilemma”

  1. DaM

    Dan … glad you decided to include the European segments of WSOP. While fewer bracelets will be won in London than were earned in Las Vegas, they are no less significant.

    Although I remain a proud American who feels blessed to live in the greatest country on earth, we would do well to recognize that our 300+ million populous is but a small portion of a more sizable globe. As one who travels quite a bit, I am frequently reminded that “the world” knows so much more about us, than we have taken the time to learn about the rest.

    Good move!

  2. John Robert

    Well said DaM. The World Series of Poker Europe is no less significant than the US-based version and its higher buy-in and stronger concentration of better poker players arguably make it more important than the US Main Event which attracts far too many fish and donkeys to make it a proper test of poker playing skills.

    The $20,000 buy-in for the European event compared to the $10,000 for the US event ensures suggests to me a far better quality of player will be attending.

    Don’t forget as well that the US is made of up of people of European descent and it looks like your site survives from adverts from European sites….so I wouldn’t annoy the Europeans too much.