Dallas Poker Underground Criminal Update

“Black James” wins more bracelets in the World Series of Prison

by , Oct 28, 2008 | 11:38 am

Those of us who may or may not have taken pleasure in throwing a killer-turned-colluder-turned-killer-again under the bus can breathe a slight sigh of relief, knowing there’s one less person out there who might want to do us harm, with his release from prison now looking virtually impossible.

James McDaniel (aka “Black James”) has had eight new charges pressed against him — including [accessory to the?] murder of Meaghan Bosch. If you recall, he was a suspect in the SMU coed/railbird-hottie’s gruesome death, but it was only parole violations that sent the underground poker room operator back to prison (for eight additional years on his ex-cop-killing sentence).

He goes to trial on the new charges in February.

I hate to mix poker talk with murder, but considering that Meaghan gave her life, I have no problem knowing I’ll never get a chance to get back the $300-$400 he stole from me at Choctaw. Ha ha! Fuck you, you Queens-cracking, colluding cheating bitch! Karma, dude.

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  1. adam

    400 huh i dropped 2 g’s in a cash game at mockingbird station one night not realizing it was rigged until i went over the hands the next day in my head thanks a lot roland u cheating bastards

  2. Karridy

    There’s a very special place in hell

  3. edbucks

    I was informed by Black James that they no longer award bracelets at the WSOPrison. They payin out in shanks now, he’s up to 12.

  4. adam

    ill see your life sentence and raise you the death penalty

  5. DanM

    I inquired about that, but i don’t think he’s eligible. I’m sure James is running a game in his cellblock. Of course if he happens to dish out too many bad beats, then that whole shank issue comes into play.

  6. tbonezz111

    Bad beats in prison…. hmmm.. might give a new meaning to getting screwed on the river!!

  7. edbucks

    “ill see your life sentence and raise you the death penalty”

    He folded.

  8. Karridy

    Bad James joke time! Chime in folks…

    James’ new favorite hand?…. His cell mate’s left.
    (I know… You thought I was going to say “Jack-King Off”)

    This dude is begging for a stupid cartoon-erati post.

  9. donkey

    Karridy, WSOPrison.com is still available! Maybe you can do a pokerprisondoodle site with your new buddy James as the star character. Million $$ idea bro.

  10. geturfactsstraight

    For Dan M who implies that he knows the facts, get YOURS straight. Megan Bosch was not murdered, she overdosed. Although the entire thing is a tradegy, the ONLY crime “Black” James is charged with in connection with Megan Boschs’ death is supplying the drugs that caused her overdose. The only comment that you made that contains any factual information is that he charged with 8 counts. Get your information correct before someone sues your ass for defamation of character and don’t forget Murder is a serious accusation.

  11. DanM

    GUFS, if you have different information than I am getting, please let me know. I heard that he had 8 new charges filed against him, some of them federal, some of them weapons type of charges, and one of them being murder.

    If I have that last part wrong, I will correct it immediately.

    The only thing I personally accuse James of is collusion. But you might be a right that because of my bias against him, I was a little loose with my verbiage.

    Overall, my point was that James ain’t getting out of jail. I think I can say that regardless of what the new charges are.

    If you are one of his close friends, please educate me, but don’t kill me. Thanks.

  12. geturfactsstraight

    I apologize for coming on so strong, the last few entry’s are just an example of how the media influences the public. Your article was followed by several idiots that can’t wait to bash others regardless of the circumstances sad, very sad.

    I have very close sources and have seen the charges in court documents myself. All charges have been filed by the Feds, the charges by the state have been set aside while the Federal charges are pursued. While, I cant say that James was an “honest” person (I am the first to admit he went down the wrong path) he was never wanted for anything other than questioning in Megans’ disappearance.

    The Media and several magazines, namely the D Magazine made it appear as though he was being charged and tried for her murder which is not anywhere near the truth. They left it open for interpretation and from talk around the poker world – their interpreation stuck.

    You are right, James is not getting out of jail he will spend the rest of his life regretting making stupid mistakes that led him down the wrong path. Everyone makes choices and unfortunately for some, there are consequences.

    I appreciate your candor and didnt mean any harm. I am just tired of seeing players in the underground spread rumors like the California Wildfires without facts to back them up.

    Thanks for taking the time to set it right.

  13. DanM

    ***All charges have been filed by the Feds, the charges by the state have been set aside while the Federal charges are pursued.***

    OK, that’s similar to what I heard/know. And indeed, standard court procedure is that you start with federal charges, then state charges. And as far as I know, murder is always state charge. So that element did confuse me.

    Truth of the matter is that when you have a dead SMU coed in a port-a-pot, the cops are gonna try to pin it on someone, if only so they don’t look bad. So having a guy like James in custody suits their purposes just fine, so long as they can make sure he never gets out.

  14. anon

    from that article I read, He took the body and placed it somewhere like a portapotty(sp?) in another city. IF that is true, then that means he had some sort of guilt in her death. Either that or he didn’t want his house searched for other reasons if he called for emergency help on a O.D. And I knew James when he was a descent guy and had a room in Mesquite, he started to get greedy and more shady when he moved to mockingbird station and that’s when I stopped playing at his place.

  15. geturfactsstraight

    I agree that when he moved he became different and wanted more and was willing to do whatever it took to get it. That article takes liberties with the entire situation. If the feds think that he dumped the body, don’t you think that he would have been charged with something relating to that? Obviously, there was no evidence of that nature to substantiate a charge. Seriously, the day I start believing what I read in the papers is the day a woman runs the white house.

  16. not saying

    i worked for james and have no doubt in my mind that every charge if not many more are true i hope he rots in hell

  17. DanM

    He was supposed to be sentenced in October … do you know if he was by any chance?

  18. Kevin Mathers

    He was sentenced to a life sentence today: