Clonie Gowen Makes a Final Table (and Wins!)

by , Oct 27, 2008 | 6:31 pm

For those out there looking for their Clonie Gowen fix, you can head down to the Gold Strike Casino in Robinsonville, MS and catch the final table of the $5,000 Main Event of their World Poker Open. Clonie goes into the final table as the chip leader and the $183,224 first prize available. Here’s how the final table will be seated:

Seat 1: Blake Huff 66,500
Seat 2: Jim Peanick 124,500
Seat 3: BJ McBrayer 159,000
Seat 4: Michael ‘Carwash’ Schneider 242,500
Seat 5: Barry Hatcher 122,000
Seat 6: Justin Allen 141,000
Seat 7: Brandon Jarrett 173,000
Seat 8: Kirby Brewer 251,500
Seat 9: Clonie Gowen 331,000

I’m sure Dan will gladly clean this up and add like a red headline and make it look like a table, as he’s the professional blogger. Pokerpages will be providing live updates sporadically on its website, starting at 2pm CT Tuesday.

Results of the final table are on the next page:

1st – Clonie Gowen – $183,224 + $10,000 seat to the WPT Gulf Coast Poker Championship
2nd – BJ McBrayer – $96,701
3rd – Kirby Brewer – $61,074
4th – Michael “Carwash” Schneider – $40,716
5th – Justin Allen – $35,627
6th – Brandon Jarrett – $30,537
7th – Jim Peanick – $25,448
8th – Barry Hatcher – $20,358
9th – Blake Huff – $15,269

4 Comments to “Clonie Gowen Makes a Final Table (and Wins!)”

  1. shronk

    Always better to have Kirby Brewer on your right.

  2. ben matlock

    How many people were in the tourney? Looks like a poor turnout.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    107, forgot to note, Montel Chilliams finished in 11th, just out of the money.

  4. Blind Hog

    I’m due for a nut soon too.