Ebay Auctions Update

by , Oct 26, 2008 | 7:39 am

The two auctions on Ebay for sponsorship concluded late Saturday, and the results could best be described as mixed. Ylon Schwartz’s second Ebay auction concluded again with zero bids. Dennis Phillips’ auction concluded with a winning bid of $19,350. The winner though, “schindlerlawfirm”, is also the person to contact for Dennis on his official website.

Update: Ylon’s people are trying a third time with the auction. Now it has a $100k Buy It Now price or “Best Offer”, and 50% of the proceeds are going to Habitat for Humanity. More details at http://tinyurl.com/ylon3rdtime

9 Comments to “Ebay Auctions Update”

  1. Scott Neuman

    One of the problems with auctions on Ebay is the lowest price wins. Ylon got a ton of mail from sponsors looking to do different deals and he is looking at all his options. Most of the sponsors wanted more then a patch but Stars doesn’t allow it and Ylon isn’t breaking his agreement with Stars.

    I’m more surprised someone doesn’t see the value of the patch. With TV time costing $100K per minute or more, this is the cheapest form of advertising to millions of customers. You can’t touch this for print or TV advertising dollars.

    We’re hoping someone sees the value of the patch for $100K with 50% going to EDC Habitat for Humanity, That 50% might also be tax deductable. Check with your accountant. Thanks for the write up.
    Scott Neuman – President – Recordweb.com

  2. ben matlock

    Yes Scott…your ad rates might be right, BUT at least with that minute you get to send a message, inform about a product or service, or try to create some type of branding. With a patch on a shirt sleeve, it says nothing, does nothing. It’s an inert object that from a marketing standpoint does about as good as a classified ad in the Nome Times Weekly.

    I do wish you luck in the endeavor. But without being able to tie that patch into a full blown marketing campaign, there’s no way it’s worth the investment.

  3. DanM

    Actually, as to prices, I think Oliver has told us that it costs $15k for 30 seconds. But that may be for regular WSOP coverage, not the final table.

  4. Scott Neuman

    Dan I got my prices from Advertising Age. Ben, I’d like to see a branding campaign behind the patch. We just don’t have enough time to put it together when I cam on board.

  5. edbucks

    $100k for a patch on the arm is just plain dumb. No one bid on it when it was $37k, what make you think someone will pay $100k? Who gives a crap about 50% going to charity? If my advertising budget is $100k a month, you think I’m going to put my whole budget on a patch? The reason Phillips got $19k is it’s 100% charitable, and he is going to get the most initial eyes on him and more likely to finish deep in the tourney, plus he is an All-American. That combination is the appeal, and that is worth $20k. And don’t say you would like to see a branding campaign, cuz you are the one who has to make it happen.
    Don’t get me wrong, your boy has the ability to win it all, and then you can say haha, shoulda, coulda, woulda, pal. But a middle of the pack dude (yon? shlon? yoda?) with no appeal will not get more than Phillips. Put it at $10k and I got a bidder for you.

  6. donkey

    Hey Dan, I see a strong point for Dennis’ auction. He can go back to the top 10 losing bidders and offer $19k each, picking up another $200k and filling up his arms.

  7. Taxman

    Incidently, this whole concept of “tax deductible” is flawed. Any advertising expense made by a company that actually has income is deductible, regardless of charity. The 50% to charity concept is only a benefit to an individual that has other income.

  8. Scott Neuman

    Taxman, I agree with the deductible. Better to allow the expense. As for Dennis’s auction. I’m glad it sold but the bidder that won was his agent/lawyer if I’m correct and if you look at the bidding, they opened the bid, cranked it up to over bid to 10K and keep raising the bid each time someone overbid them. Glad it sold and it was for a worthwhile charity. Ylon was actually contacted by EDC Habitat of Humanity and asked to participate. If someone does bid on the auction and win, H of H wil build 3 homes from the money according to information we received from H of H.

  9. DanM

    I like the idea of a Habitat for Humanity poker house.