RE: Kentucky Domain-Grab Hearing Today

by , Oct 7, 2008 | 4:26 pm

The attorneys for all sides have rested their cases, and Franklin County Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate hopes to have a decision by next week, October 15th to be exact. The Associated Press is following the story.

Attorneys for Kentucky tried to make the case that the domain names of 141 gaming websites should be treated as “illegal gambling devices” and blocked so that Kentucky residents cannot access them. On the other side, attorneys representing numerous websites in question spoke up to argue that the domain names are not “devices” and don’t even exist in Kentucky, and thus, the state has no jurisdiction to take control of them.

The case is in the hands of the judge.

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  1. G-Squared

    From what I can tell, Judge Wingate was appointed vs elected. That is good. If he had been elected and was up for re-election, that would certainly play into his decision so I hope for a fair decision. I read the Gambling911 blog and it sounds like the defense attorney Leyden makes a good argument regarding the protectionist nature of KY’s argument when KY has online horse racing domains at Churchill Downs. Though Gambling911’s blog may be biased to the poker community’s interests, based on prosecuting attorney Foote’s arguments or lack thereof, it sounds like Foote has his head “deeply entrenched”. Perhaps he used KY jelly.