RE: Poker Bowl, Take 2?

by , Oct 13, 2008 | 8:21 am

Semi-related conversation from last week:

Dan: I knew the Poker Bowl was in trouble when they hired me to be TV commentator without even having talked to me on the phone.
Clonie: I knew the Poker Bowl was in trouble, too, when I heard they hired you.

4 Comments to “RE: Poker Bowl, Take 2?”

  1. Karridy

    I knew the footage would never see the light of day when John Nightingale replaced hostess Lacey Jones 3/4 of the way through taping with none other than… wait for it… his wife?

    Sad but true excerpt from an even sadder but true’er story.

  2. DanM

    Hey, but not all was lost. Without the PokerBowl you’d never have your current gravatar pic.

    (Clearly well worth the $$$ you ate on PB’s behalf.)

  3. Karridy

    That’s why I love you, Dan.

  4. DanM


    hey look, we have matching backs!