Chino More Stunned by Reporter’s Question than 7th Place Finish

by , Nov 9, 2008 | 5:54 pm

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David “Chino” Rheem hasn’t had the best of days. After starting his trip to Vegas with some questionable logo decisions and seeming uncertainty about to follow through on a deal, it seemed that karma wasn’t on Chino’s side, and he knew it.

After going through the motions at the final table and holding back any emotions that may have indicated enjoyment, his A-K was busted by the A-Q of Peter Eastgate when a queen fell on the flop. Chino was escorted to the media portion of the evening where the first question aimed at the 7th place finisher was something like, “How are you feeling right now?” And reportedly, his response was, “Are you f**king serious?” A tirade ensued, and though he calmed down to answer some reasonable follow-up questions, Chino and his backers poker pro-filled entourage soon exited the Penn & Teller Theater.

12 Comments to “Chino More Stunned by Reporter’s Question than 7th Place Finish”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    He pretty much did the same thing in the Maria Ho interview, saying that he felt like shit.

    Elaboration on the “questionable” deals?

  2. Harris

    I knew I didn’t like this guy, no class at all.

  3. smokkee

    might as well ask “how did it feel to get kicked in the nuts on that last hand?”

  4. California Jen

    Questionable logo decisions… Basically, some folks weren’t exactly sure that the PokerStars-sponsored player would follow through and actually wear the PS logo when the table started today. He did, but it appeared to be a last-minute decision.

  5. DanM

    ***I knew I didn’t like this guy, no class at all.***

    Yeah, I dunno Harris … I think it was kinda a week question on the reporter’s part. (And I know the guy; he can do better.)

    For example:

    * Does it feel worse getting knocked out by yadda yadda hand?

    * You finished in 7th place … obviously everyone wants 1st, but what does 7th mean to you?

    * If you were a tree, what kinda tree would you be?

  6. Kevin Mathers

    That particular question always get asked though when someone busts out, especially for any sort of WSOP interview. Then the bustee is usually diplomatic with the answer.

  7. DanM

    Well … he answered it … and if you wanna know how someone feels, do you really want diplomacy?

    Chino was also wearing an Obama button … so he probably got that line of response from Joe Biden.

  8. Kevin Mathers

    Most people aren’t going to say what Chino said, even though they may be thinking it. I’ve got no problem with Chino’s answer either.

  9. tbonezz111

    How about, “would you rather bust in 7th or be in a florida jail?”

    Dan, I agree with the lameness of the question at hand (didn’t know they were allowing jr. high school paper reporters there tonight) as well as your opinion of his answer…. like it is said many times… if you don’t want to hear the answer don’t ask the question!

  10. DanM

    Supposedly the actual question and answer audio (or video) is up somewhere on the ESPN website … but I couldn’t find it:

  11. Kevin Mathers
    says: (if this works about 5:30 in)

  12. ChipChaser

    Direct link is