Is It Better to Start Early in the WSOP Main Event?

by , Nov 10, 2008 | 10:35 pm

Before things got underway here ate the final table, I was listening to an old podcast appearance I did with Andrew Feldman on ESPN’s The Poker Edge. We were talking about the action at the end of Day 2B, and discussing what kinda impact a weird blip in scheduling might have in outcome: There was a Day off between Day 1D and Day 2A, but not between Day 2B and Day 3. That was a little strange, because had the day off been between the former, then everyone woulda gotten a day off … however, because they took that break when they did … players who survived on 2B had to less than a half a day of rest before the fields converged.

Anyhow, I decided to take a look at the starting days for all of the November Nine, and while this is hardly enough data for a scientific sample, there was a noticeable difference between players who started early (Days 1A and 1B) and late (Days 1C and 1D). Here’s the breakdown:

Craig Marquis — 1A, 2A
Chino Rheem — 1A, 2A
Scott Montgomery — 1A, 2A

Ivan Demidov — 1B, 2A
Ylon Schwartz — 1B, 2A
Darus Suharto — 1B, 2A

Dennis Phillips — 1C, 2B
Peter Eastgate — 1C, 2B

Kelly Kim — 1D, 2B

One Comment to “Is It Better to Start Early in the WSOP Main Event?”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    I’m sure they’ll make changes next year in terms of scheduling. Also noteworthy was that day 1b had the smallest attendance (because it was July 4, recall all the worries that the ME was going to go down in entrants). July 4 is Saturday next year so do they consider that as the day off for the Day 1 survivors?