RE: UIGEA, Take 2!?! (2)

The giant sucking sound of jobs going overseas?

by , Nov 10, 2008 | 6:01 pm

As per the PPA and Al D’amato’s request, I made my call to the Feds to weigh in on tonight’s planned attempts to strengthen the UIGEA and extend its reach. The call kinda reminded me of calling PartyPoker Customer Service back in the day, with less of an Indian accent, of course … I can only hope someone was listening.


Really, what a night we have in store … heads-up between two Europeans (one from a Socialist country, and another who was born into Communism) for the lion’s share of 14 million American dollars — and, of course, as said by Drew Barrymore two years ago, the World Championship of Poker! At the same time, the remnants (and some new blood) of the anti-democratic-process insurgents pro-UIGEA forces will be trying to further remove the poker industry’s foothold here in the country that gave birth to the game.

You gotta wonder … Is this part of that huge transfer of wealth out of America we’ve been hearing so much about?

(And if anyone knows where we might be able to follow this — right now I’ll be checking the PPA website, but maybe something’s on Cspan? — please let us know.)

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