New Poll: Best Pro Blog

by , Nov 7, 2008 | 7:45 am

Check it out, in case you’re going through polling withdrawal … you can vote again and this time you don’t even need to wait in line.

Just about every pro at some time or another starts a “blog”. They put up a few posts, and before too long realize that writing regularly is hard … or at least boring … or not very rewarding … or some negative EV combination of the above. But every once in a while a poker pro actually enjoys the process, and gives us something thought-provoking to read at least every couple weeks or more.

So I’m curious … which pro bloggers (not to be confused with pro bloggers) do you actually enjoy reading? I threw up 11 that have caught my eye more than once in 2008, but I’m sure I’m missing a few, so please add any that I’ve forgotten. (If you know html, go ahead and include the link!)

The criteria that I kept in mind were:

  • True pros — someone who makes his or her living at the table.
  • Have been blogging for at least six months.
  • Blog regularly — almost never more than a couple weeks between posts.
  • Super bonus points for behaving like a true blogger by interacting with readers.

So have at it … semi-stuffable ballot box in the upper-mid-toppish part of the near-right sidebar.

4 Comments to “New Poll: Best Pro Blog”

  1. edbucks

    Not sure if this guy qualifies, and i hate to pimp his blog, but Kid Dynamite is a hella writer.

  2. DanM

    Does KD make his living at the table? I like his blog, too. Why do you hate to pimp it?

  3. DanM

    PS to whomever added me, I don’t count either. See the post below where I go bust playing 2/4 NL, which is a “big” game for me.

  4. Kid Dynamite

    although poker is my only source of income, i’d hardly say i make my living at the tables. I wouldn’t be able to maintain the lifestyle I am accustomed to soley from my poker winnings – I have saved a lot of what i earned previously on Wall Street.

    thanks for the kind comments, and i hope you continue to enjoy my blog – the pure incompetance of our dealing with this financial will probably provide me with ample content going forward, if i don’t stick my head in the oven in the meantime.