Perspectives Weekly: Breaking News from Microgaming and Bodog

by , Nov 7, 2008 | 7:11 am


As many of you have probably noticed by now, Microgaming casinos are dropping US Players quickly in a mass exodus from the US Market! Plus, a few weeks ago we warned you about “big trouble” coming for Bodog. Guess what? It arrived this week!

Not only that, but we finally make the biggest announcement in APCW history! This is one episode you must see!

4 Comments to “Perspectives Weekly: Breaking News from Microgaming and Bodog”

  1. smokkee

    those funds were seized way back in January. they seem to have found a payment processor. i just received a check from Bodog a few weeks ago. they’re estimating payments to take around 3 wks now. payments were taking longer back in Aug/Sept. this story appears to be dated.

  2. JTodd

    No, we said that this weeks news was RELATED to that seizure. This weeks news was the charges of money-laundering against the processor.

  3. DanM

    BTW, J Todd … congrats on your merge with Casino City! The Casino City Times does some good journalism — much better than most of what’s out there. Looking forward to seeing what you all can do together.

  4. JTodd

    Thanks, Dan =0)

    Not only that, but their web team will redesign the site to fully integrate the social network, with a data management system to help users query our information. Plus, they want to give our Auditing Department an injection of cash so we can start doing several a year! Should be great for players & webmasters!