Poker Goes Pop Music Semi-Mainstream

by , Nov 29, 2008 | 10:14 am

The singer’s name is Lady Gaga, and her latest single from her debut album is called “Poker Face.” And shockingly, it’s about a boy.

After googling Gaga, I find that she was signed as a major artist on Interscope as a disco-ish up-and-coming star. The label introduced her as: “Fresh out of NYC, this do-it-yourself disco-erotica queen is about to change the world one sequin at a time. She makes her own clothes, pens her own tunes, and will soon enough shatter every disco ball from here to Ibiza.”

Ummm, ok. All I cared about was that the song made numerous references to poker and bwin even contributed some props for the poker scenes. If Lady Gaga is mainstream, or hopes to be, it is good that poker has moved from All In Energy Drink promos masking as rap videos to real semi-mainstream pop music.

To see the video, click the YouTube link, as all embedding codes for her videos seem to have been disabled.

4 Comments to “Poker Goes Pop Music Semi-Mainstream”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    She’s going to be on her West Coast swing this coming week, mostly opening for New Kids on the Block, including Vegas on Dec. 8.

  2. DanM

    Wow, I think I dig that song! I love the part where she is lying upside down on the pool chair and humps the air.

    It really captures the essence of poker.

  3. Fifth Street Journal

    I finally learned what the song is about:

    At the 20th annual White Party in Palms Springs this past weekend, as the boys went wild, Lady GaGa opened up about the meaning behind her chart topping song, “Poker Face.” Explaining that it’s about being bisexual. She went further explaining by “poker face,” it means she will be with a man, but fantasize about a woman. Therefore, he can’t read her poker face.

  4. DanM