RE: Pokery Presidential Politics (4)

by , Nov 5, 2008 | 1:16 pm

In case you missed the multi-network coverage last night of my prop-bet with Tom … I won! The main bet was an easy victory, but I had to sweat it out on the 5-percent point-spread sidebet.

But in the end, the American people have spoken — and I’d like to thank them for showing up in droves on my behalf. Though the exact number could change a bit — 3 percent of the vote is still uncounted — Pokerati is going to declare a full victory for Michalski over Schneider, as Obama is currently ahead of McCain in the nationwide popular vote by 6.071945 percent.

See, already the economy is looking up!

UPDATE: 6.149579 percent difference, with 98 percent reporting.

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