WSOPeople: Linda Tran

by , Nov 9, 2008 | 9:50 pm


Dallas-to-Vegas transplant Linda Tran is one of five dealers dealing the final table. While there’s a wee-bit of hubbub from the usual featured-table dealers who weren’t invited to pitch … I know Linda is one of the best dealers I’ve ever sat/worked with, whether that was at charity tourneys in Dallas, or as a player in WSOP cash games in previous years. Kinda exciting to see her throwing Kems in such a big game — she’s earned it, imho.

She was at the Rio last night working with the TV table felt — something about the grain affecting the speed of the slide … and think about it, if she messes up here, sure, flipped cards and the like are part of the game, but still … can you imagine working on stage, in the spotlight, knowing if you make one of those mistakes that is inevitable … it potentially affects a player’s personal outcome by a million dollars or more? No pressure. 🙂

NOTE: She’s on the felt now, and kept Ivan Demidov alive by not cracking his pocket kings (despite flopping a nut-flush draw for his opponent, who I believe was Scott Montgomery). Meanwhile, in the crowd, Dennis Phillips’ fans have started chanting college-hoops style: “Let’s – Go – Den – Nis – [clap] – [clap] -[clap][clap][clap]!”

UPDATE: Whoa!!!! A one outer-on the river, compliments of Linda, to knock out Scott Montgomery in 5th place. $3,096,768. (Still pretty good money — more than Moneymaker won.)


Ivan Demidov — 49,100,000
Peter Eastgate – 47,635,000
Ylon Schwartz — 22,175,000
Dennis Phillips – 17,325,000

6 Comments to “WSOPeople: Linda Tran”

  1. zachdealer

    I’m proud of her, she deserved it.

    I’m hoping for this chance next year

  2. ChipChaser

    Linda deserves the dealer spotlight. Oh how I loved getting Linda Tranwreck hands in the good ole Dallas scene. She made me enjoy my bad beats as I shook my head in disgust. Way to go!

  3. tbonezz111

    Congrats Linda…. My little babea is all growns up 🙂

  4. TehBRD

    Minor detail – they’re not using KEM cards this year. 😉

    Great coverage as always though!

  5. DanM

    Technically they’re Kem’s, right? Didn’t USPC buy Kem?

    I still call Ameritrade Stadium (or wherever it is the Texas Rangers play) The Ballpark in Arlington.

  6. Monty