Rumorati: Full Tilt to Open Sports Book?

by , Jan 11, 2009 | 5:34 am

Just got back from the porn awards (AVN) — it was one of those “love Vegas!” days — and the first pokery thing I found interesting there was one of the hall of fame inductees supposedly was the creator of affiliate marketing on the internet. Poker really is a lot like porn.

The next thing I learned was that Full Tilt is supposedly going to be opening an online sports book. I don’t have a date or any details — other than that it will be only for non-American players, Europeans specifically, and that it’s super hush-hush.

Again, this is just rumor, and I have not called anyone from Full Tilt to confirm — because I’m pretty sure they won’t tell me, and I fear “aggressive interrogation” should I say too much — but I can attest that it comes from a reliable enough source that were there an online sports book that took wagers on such likelihoods, I would definitely bet on it.

One Comment to “Rumorati: Full Tilt to Open Sports Book?”

  1. Aaron A.

    Ahh yes the AVN. I never went to the awards show but the actual Expo was lots of fun back in 2003. Good times!