Texas Poker Bill Up for Committee Vote Today

by , Mar 25, 2009 | 9:11 am

A lot’s been going on behind the scenes in Austin regarding HB 222 (as well as a racino slots bill and a general casino bill in Texas) … so hopefully we’ll have much more to say throughout the day and next month. We can’t win legal poker today, but we can lose in the Licensing and Administration committee. Michele Lewis is at the capitol right now getting ready to testify on poker’s behalf. I sent her a little strategic encouragement yesterday:

The fate of Texas’ future is all in your hands, Michele. 🙂

You’ll do great. A good freedom-loving, charity fundraising mom like you deserves a place to play at home. Though I am sure Pitts & Co. will prep you appropriately, you might consider playing the woman card, too … just because you have kids to take care of doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same opportunities to either make money or engage in a recreational activities that your sisters in Louisiana and Oklahoma have.

P.S. You forgot Erick Lindgren!

I wish she could Twitter in her updates … but Pokerati isn’t quite that sophisticated yet … but we’ll try to keep you updated, and maybe explain a little bit about where things stand before and after today. But regardless … Go Michele! Go Poker! And go Texas!

UPDATE: Michele is not actually in Austin yet … she’s en route. Hearing is at 2 pm central.

5 Comments to “Texas Poker Bill Up for Committee Vote Today”

  1. Mulry

    If you’re using a WordPress installation, there’s a Twitter Tools widget that’s very, very easy to install and manage. It can either post the tweets in a sidebar or create a new post for each one. Cheers.

  2. DanM

    The latest text message I got, from an unnamed informant on the ground in A-town:

    Its all running very late today

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Couldn’t Michele use CSR like twitter?

  4. DanM

    “Politics,” dude. CSR was actually inspired by an idea Michele had back in 2007. But therein lies the problem with our device … she’s sensitive about that she’d be required to text to two different addresses.

    We’re actually working on some Twitter widgeting … but Twitter scares me I’m not sure we’ll have it ready and working, like, today … but perhaps the not-too distant future? Today is a real eye-opener on how valuable it could be.

  5. KenP

    Yeah, that steam driven Enigma machine retread you run for a server might have problems. But, it sure isgetting you the hydrocarbon point to resell.