(Late) Breaking News: Quad 8s or Better Beaten in Oklahoma

by , Apr 3, 2009 | 12:52 am

Jon in Oklahoma/Dallas writes wrote in a few months ago:

I really enjoy the website and checking it daily to see what’s going on in the poker world. A dealer at the winstar casino in oklahoma told me about it. I’m from oklahoma, but now live in dallas. I’m not sure if it’s newsworthy, but on friday jan 2nd, at the Firelake Grand Casino in Shawnee, OK, my table hit the Super Bad Beat Jackpot, which was quad 8’s or better beaten, and it was up to about $91,000. The winner got 18,000, the loser got 28,000, and the table share was $6,500. It was pretty amazing…after playing in casinos for about 4 years, i thought i’d never hit a bad beat.


No, thank you, Jon. And thank you to the WinStar dealer for introducing us to you. Seriously … sounds like it was an amazing hand.

(I do kinda like the split, though.)

5 Comments to “(Late) Breaking News: Quad 8s or Better Beaten in Oklahoma”

  1. waldoworld

    Good deal on getting more readers! Hope it was me that told him, I’ve been trying to do my part. 😉

  2. DanM

    Waldo, have I sent you a Pokerati cut card? Seriously, email me your address and I’ll send some functional swag your way!

  3. waldoworld

    Address sent, thanks Dan! I needed a patch to put on my Atlantis jeans jacket, I would much rather promote ya’ll than them!

  4. Jon

    It was you that told me, Waldo. I’ll holler at you the next time i’m at the Winstar

  5. DanM

    And that’s why Waldo’s getting some goodies in the mail! Ah, all the love around a simple bad beat warms my poker heart …