Poker Pariahs

A who’s who of poker bad guys

by , Apr 6, 2009 | 5:40 pm

We try not to engage in too much schadenfreude here at Pokerati, but the last post about Amarillo Slim’s efforts to restore his stature in the poker world has me contriving a poll in my head about who are/were the most undesirable people in/from poker.

Current Poker Sith Lords
Russ Hamilton — guilty til proven innocent, and with good cause.
Ernie Scherer III — he’s still innocent til proven guilty, but considering that he faces the death penalty for killing his parents to pay off poker debts — and the last 10 Google searches found on his computer were “countries that don’t extradite to the U.S.“, I think we can rest assured that he will not become a Full Tilt pro anytime soon.

Dishonorable Mentions
James McDaniel — this Dallas poker room operator was convicted of killing an ex-cop, engaged in collusion in Oklahoma (my personal observation and unproven accusation), and is currently on trial for supplying drugs to one of his railbirds who ended up OD’d-dead in a portable toilet.

Reformed Reputations
Jamie Gold
Justin Bonomo
Dutch Boyd

Jury Still Out
David Sklansky — technically crime-free, but young aspiring female players are hardly flocking to his tutelage.
Amarillo Slim — he says he’s not guilty, and his family and a lie detector now apparently agree, even though his criminal record implies otherwise.
Layne Flack — everybody seems to like Layne, but unless he’s working undercover a la Poker Brasco, hanging with Russ Hamilton surely won’t help him get sponsored by Ultimate Bet.

So who else? Really, I’m not looking for a bunch of potentially libelous name-calling … but I am looking to create a list of once and future poker bad-guys, and maybe a rating system for criminals and outcasts and offenses that may or may not attract the attention of law enforcement, but still result in scorn and contempt from fellow poker players.

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  1. TDSteve

    OMG, Dont get me started!

  2. DanM

    I feel a bit queasy about this sorta post … you know, not necessarily “good for poker” on its surface … but before you start naming names … would love to get a sense of the offenses that an esteemed TD like yourself thinks might merit being poker ostracized.

    I know a guy who once urinated on a dealer under the table. That might qualify for nomination, but probably isn’t enough to make the Hall of Shame.

  3. California Jen

    JJProdigy – caught cheating online three separate times (three separate sites) before turning 21. Will likely never be able to play online poker again. Not too welcome in live circles either.

  4. California Jen

    And Scott Tom, the Absolute Poker cheater.

  5. Kevin Mathers

    JJProdigy will always be able to play online poker, especially with plenty of unenforceable laws regarding ghosting, more than one player to an account, etc.

    And he’s not 21 yet.

    Shouldn’t Men and Scotty Nguyen be under the Dishonorable Mention tag (for different reasons of course).

  6. Karridy

    John FUCKING Nightingale. Not sure what category he’d fall into. Maybe under ‘Losers, Scoundrels, and Otherwise bad for poker people’.

  7. DanM

    *** John FUCKING Nightingale. ***

    Ah, good one … the guy who took the money from the PokerBowl prize pool and replaced Lacey Jones with his wife mid-tourney.

    But he’s not really a poker person — though he tried to be one — is he? I imagine the list of get-rich-quick scam artists is endless … though he just happened to get further in the process than most before his ponzi-ish scheme unraveled … and he did leave the Palms facing like a $2 million fine from the Nevada Gaming Commission … so yeah, that’s pretty bad.

    But then again, Karridy, you did get that cool shirt you are wearing in your avatar pic out of it!

  8. Karridy

    Ummmm. Yah. If that’s what I got out of it, that’s the most expensive shirt outfit wardrobe gently used car I’ve ever owned.

  9. BJ Nemeth

    Putting Layne Flack on this list because he played golf with Russ Hamilton seems extremely harsh to me. In my opinion, the DUI arrest that kept him out of the NBC Heads-Up Championship had a bigger effect on his reputation. I judge people far more by their actions than I do by their associations. (Otherwise, everyone in poker — including me — is a shady character.)

    There are several famous poker players who deserve to be on that list ahead of Layne Flack. I think Dan’s absolute hatred of Russ Hamilton (see what I did there?) has clouded his vision when it comes to things that are only tangentially related.

    It’s also worth mentioning that Jamie Gold’s “bad” reputation was primarily for being unlikable and arrogant (is that a crime?), while Justin Bonomo and Dutch Boyd earned their bad reputations through legitimate scandals where they both admitted guilt and offered repentance. If you’re going to list all three in a group like that, I think you should make the differences clear.

    If Jamie Gold can be “redeemed” from his arrogance, then that means there are a crapload of current players that should be on the bad list for the same level of arrogance.

    I like the idea behind this list, but I think you should consider this first attempt a rough first draft that needs to be developed further. Perhaps grading them on a scale of 1 to 10 (1=unlikeable, 10=”Absolute” crook) would help distinguish the somewhat untrustworthy from the truly evil.

  10. DanM

    Yeah, I agree that Layne Flack isn’t necessarily a “pariah” … BUT, he was seen AGAIN with Russ Hamilton playing a freeroll at a bar:

    (and BJ, I think I explain in that post why it’s newsworthy as best I can)

    And if you watch that Tiffany Michelle/Maria Ho video, you see the likes of Gavin Smith and others doing all they can to stay out of the video-captured antics with Layne. I think that speaks loudly. He’s about a fuck-up-and-a-half away from being treated like Sklansky.

  11. DanM

    Maybe we need a poker integrity scale … with multi-accounting being something like a 2 and Russ Hamiltoning being a 9?

  12. BJ Nemeth

    I think the fact that Russ Hamilton is playing poker in public is far more newsworthy than him playing golf. I don’t fault you there.

    It’s also fairly clear by now that Layne Flack is friends with Russ Hamilton, a friendship that certainly predates the scandal. You can certainly judge Layne Flack negatively on that basis, but enough to include him on a list of poker’s bad guys? I think that’s going too far.

    If Layne Flack is a bad guy for being friends with Russ Hamilton, are Layne Flack’s friends on the naughty list for being friends with Layne Flack?

  13. DanM

    OK, BJ, you are giving me something to think about.

    But in my defense, I did put him in the question-mark zone. And frankly, you are my friend, but if you stole a bunch of money from our cronies … while I would probably be polite to you when we crossed paths, I wouldn’t see you in the same light, and I probably wouldn’t hang out with you much.

    And with the new info on Amarillo Slim, I don’t think it’s too far off to put Slim and Flack in the same category.

  14. BJ Nemeth

    Hmmm … perhaps I just don’t like the idea of categories altogether. Each situation on this list is pretty unique, and should be judged separately. Flack associates with the worst guy in poker, while Amarillo Slim was accused of child molestation — apples and oranges. To put them in the same category on a list like this is misleading.

    They might share the same ranking on your soon-to-be-patented/trademarked Poker Integrity Scale (lock it up before Wicked Chops does!), but for entirely different reasons.

    Also, I think multi-accounting deserves a much higher score than a 2 (assuming 10 to be the worst) if you’re including people like Layne Flack on the list.

  15. BJ Nemeth

    In response to your other comment —

    What if I “allegedly” stole money from our cronies, and swore my innocence against evidence that neither of us has seen, from a group effectively operating outside the law? Would you still cut me off as a friend?

    Along similar lines, if Amarillo Slim is innocent, is it fair that all his friends in poker immediately dropped him like a bad habit on allegations they knew nothing about? (I’m sure most heard the words “child molestation” and didn’t even ask for his side of the story.)

  16. steve hall

    Dutch Boyd a reformed character?Don’t get me started 🙁

  17. DanM

    I mean multi-accounting like simply having more than one account … not playing them at the same table or in the same tourney. I committed this crime rule violation, I’m pretty sure, back in the pre-UIGEA days. But I still to this day don’t feel like I did anything wrong beyond breaking a small-print rule that I never read.

    ***What if I “allegedly” stole money from our cronies, and swore my innocence against evidence that neither of us has seen, from a group effectively operating outside the law? Would you still cut me off as a friend?***

    I would have a serious and straight-forward talk with you off-the-record, and let you know that I’d have to distance myself from you — I hope you understand — UNLESS you could give at least some comment and/or allow me to investigate on my own. I’d need more than just “they’re lying, dude.”

    ***if Amarillo Slim is innocent, is it fair that all his friends in poker immediately dropped him like a bad habit on allegations they knew nothing about?***

    I totally agree with you here … but sure enough, I think they probably all weren’t about to jeopardize their own personas by associating with even someone perceived to be a pedophile … and that, by definition, is what makes made him a “pariah”.

    To be fair, we in the media share a little shame-blame on this one … ever see him at the WSOP circa 2005 or ’06? We were all constantly scrambling to get interviews … yet none of us ever really even tried to talk to him about anything. I for one was more interested in getting an on-the-record no-limit hold’em tip from Eskimo Clark, which is kinda funny-ironic in retrospect.

  18. TDSteve

    [comment slightly edited — DanM]

    I just erased what I was going to post, dont want to get in trouble, I still work for big brother. But for me, being a bad guy in poker is all about cheating.

    Personality, character, crimes committed outside the poker room, dont really matter to me, we are in an industry of bad people.

    Choose your friends carefully as they say.

    Its the old school folk in poker, hell we now glamorize most of those who mostly made their way ‘back in the day’ by cheating or stealing, are they all now reformed?

    What about crooked TD’s?

    Our industry was rampant with thieves, its better now due to checks and balances, but talking about it is our only weapon at this point. Keep up the good work. Maybe after I’ve turned into a professional player, I’ll write a book or better yet maybe I’ll be a source for Dr Pauly.

  19. BJ Nemeth

    Innocent multi-accounting (before you knew the rules) wouldn’t even rank on the list, in my opinion. (We are allowed multiple accounts in every other online endeavor, and to a newcomer, there’s no obvious reason why that wouldn’t be allowed.)

    Multi-accounting in a single cash game/tournament is a much, much bigger deal of course. (Blatant cheating.)

    Playing on someone else’s account also depends on someone’s knowledge of the rules; again, it could be an innocent mistake. But if it is done with knowledge of the rules, then I think it would still rank fairly low on the list, as there is no big inherent advantage in playing under a false identity (other than misdirection).

  20. Poker Shrink

    Steve might want to have Dan remove his last post, I know I spent several nights with other TDs and the stories they told were amazing. But your job is more important than honesty in a game that has never been honest. I have my top ten list of live poker cheaters but my sources get my respect and I will keep their secrets.

  21. scott diamond

    Sam Grizzle needs to be on this List(wanted for child support evasion) and if your going to add Layne , why not Mike the Mouth for cocaine possession and use.He did jail time behind it.No Jail for Layne and maybe even no DUI.

    Men the Master for going to jail for beating his wife 2 times and is currently on probation for it!

    and Gary Wise for living in a foreign country 🙂


  22. DanM

    Mike is definitely NOT a pariah. Lots of people are happy to do business with him. And as far as his crime … dude, he’s like legally and literally served his time. And, I suspect we’ll read all about it in his forthcoming book. That is very different than all the others we’re talking about.

  23. scott diamond

    Dan How is Mikes crime different then Layne’s.

    I know Mike did his time and has behaved admirably since I know Mike is not in this Pariah category but I was just comparing it to why Layne was?

  24. TDSteve

    Maybe Mike should be on the list, treating people disrespectfully without cause, thou not a crime is extremely unlikable or pariah-like. Maybe not so much Mike these days, but Phil H and the way he consistently and unnecessarily treats people should definitely put him on the list. In almost no other industry do people get away with acting like that towards other adults. How about Scotty?

  25. DanM

    We’re talking apples and oranges, dudes. Phil raises more than $1 million every year for charity. As annoying as he can be — and really, I don’t buy the “but he’s actually a nice guy” defense — he is always looking out for poker … even though the drive to do so is probably just his own self interest.

    He takes the time to do the political stuff, for example … he puts his money where his mouth is … and though he can be douchey when it comes to trying to hobnob with real celebs, he’s definitely not a PARIAH.

    Likewise for Scotty Nguyen, who always stops, takes photos, signs autographs, etc. Being a shithead at the table is not the same as being a shithead in life.

    And to be clear, I’m not saying Layne IS a pariah … I’m saying he’s flirting with it. IMHO, he seems to be on his way down, crossing paths with Amarillo Slim, who now is on his way up.

  26. scott diamond

    At least you didn’t argue with me about Sam Grizzle 🙂

  27. Tom Schneider

    Mike the Mouth, forget about it. He is one of the nicest guys in poker. He would help anyone except Russ Hamilton.

    We’ll never know the truth about Amarillo Slim. Some people have been accused of child molestation for extortion purposes, but hearing his side of the story?…I will give you every child molestors side of the story. “I didn’t do it. They are lying.” I hope I never get accused of that because even your close friends have to wonder. Remember that joke Tom told me about the kid…hmmm, it all makes sense now.

    Men the Master for beating his wife? How about cheating and angle shooting. His wife has a choice, we players don’t. There should be several tournament rules named after him.

    Layne? Couldn’t be more disappointed. I have always liked Layne, but, you are who you hang around. It’s not honorable to stay with a friend who isn’t the person you thought he was, it’s stupid and shows you don’t care about your reputation/integrity.

    An old Greek saying — I will tell you what I think about you after I have met your friends.

    And Poker Shrink? What kinda post is that? I have some amazing stuff that you won’t believe. Sorry can’t tell you. You are like a tease on the news. “What’s in your water that might kill you? Tune in a couple hours from now and we’ll tell you”…Oh wait, you aren’t telling us.

  28. Poker Shrink

    If I saw it or could prove it myself I would. But when someone who works in the industry tells me something and specifically says: “not for publication” then I am going to honor their request even in this business.

  29. scott diamond

    I have met some amazing people in the Poker Community and some not so amazing.

    But most of you know what I do for a living and I usually deal with the scum of the earth.

    I have said this in my blog’s and in the forums, Poker has been great for me. It has given me the opportunity to help through my charitable foundation, and to make new friends and get away from the constant grind of Cop work.

    Dan has given me the opportunity to post here and of course Gary Wise for allowing me to blog at his site for the past 2 years.

    I am an infant when it comes to Poker experience, but an adult when it comes to seeing the good in people and dealing with life experiences.

    Everyone has faults in their life, it’s whether you try and correct them and take the right path in life.

    Is it our job in life to help? I think so and try everyday, not only in my profession but in my new found love for Poker.

    Thanks for allowing me my opinion here Dan!!

  30. Tom Schneider

    poker shrink, i’m not bagging on you for not revealing the info. I respect that. i just think it’s funny when people say something like you can’t believe what just happened, and I say “what” and they say i can’t tell you. that’s all, just trying to have some fun.

  31. Tom Schneider

    And Scott, if you want to find the good in people, bird watchers are nicer. Poker is the wrong spot.

  32. BJ Nemeth

    Have you ever spent time around bird watchers? Those bastards will shoot you in the back, bury your bodies in the woods, and then go after your family. I’ll stick with the liars and cheaters in the poker world, thankyouverymuch.

  33. scott diamond

    Is this THE Tom Schneider? poker player extraordinare?

  34. Karridy

    I agree with BJ. Bird watchers very commonly nothing more than Amarillo Slim’s looking for a way to explain away the binoculars when stopped near the local Elementary school. Bad folks. Bad.

  35. DanM

    I really need to stop hanging out with Tom.

  36. Jamie Welton

    How can you leave Zach Ballenger off this list?

  37. Tom Schneider

    OK, bird watchers bad example. I got bent over in Tennesse by Bubba when he was looking for a red crested bald fat guy.

  38. zachdealer

    men the master is probably the meanest motherfucker I’ve ever dealt to. I dealt him the bring in in a stud game 5 times in a row and he wanted to kill me. I laughed

  39. scott diamond

    Wasn’t Deliverance filmed near there? LOL Tom

  40. Tom Schneider

    think so, and actually Bubba would prefer to be called James

  41. Tom Schneider

    Also, there is a list at the Bellagio of the most hated players by the dealers. Might be a good assignment for Dan to publish that list. Very interesting.

  42. Kevin Mathers

    1) Sam Farha
    2) Johnny Chan
    3) Todd Brunson
    4) Aaron Katz
    5) Kooko (?)
    6) Men the Master
    7) David Grey
    8) Sam Grizzle
    9) David Singer
    10) Jennifer Harman

  43. scott diamond

    Jennifer…. surprised!

  44. abcdef

    James McDaniel is headed to trial May 11th, for those that are waiting for the day he is convicted…

  45. Picture Attached

    If you’re interested in Ernie’s personal life here’s a link to a hilarious article written by a girl who went on a date with him

    Hot tub, tighty whities, and I love yous…you’ll be sure to get a chuckle or two out of this one…and if nothing else check out his epic mug shot photo.

  46. Jack

    AARON KATZ is probably the most evil.  Everyone hates him in Bobby’s room.  He is a pig.  He will screw you double.

  47. andy T

    I agree with Jack!  Aaron Katz the poker player from Seattle Washington is probably the most evil I have ever been around.  We just were in Atlantic City and saw him slithering around the poker room at the Borgata Hotel.  Apparently he’s been banned from several properties in Vegas.
      This is why he has stayed out of Vegas.  Commerce casino in LA security guards have been told to shoot on command if he shows up there! 
    He’s been slithering around NYC looking to cheat games SO BEWARE.
    Unless your a player that lives in a cave you know to stay as far away from him as one can get!   He lost a million dollars in a game in New York and then refused to pay and went in hiding!  His daddy, in Seattle, is paying off in payments as we speak now.   He is a liar and a cheater and will stab you in the back.  So beware of him!

  48. phil

    Aaron Katz also was accused of cheating on poker sites and etc.. He was caught cheating in a game at Commerce casino.
    Wrote bad check to Hustler’s and is a all around bad person .  It only takes 2 minutes while talking to him to realize this. Avoid him at all cost.

  49. Dan Michalski

    any links to arrests or anything similar for these alleged crimes? even a 2+2 thread?

  50. Cam

    I went tp google him today because I was wondering about him b/c of something weird happened at a game in NYC!  Do not loan to this guy or
    give him a seat in your game anywhere…  He is sleezing around Nyc and
    AC.  He PRETENDS to play poker.  Leaves his chips on table and keeps the seat tied up while he walks around and harasses guys at tables.  Mostly, other Jewish guys.  He’s very jealous of higher stakes players and picks fights with them.  Bad News!

  51. Randy

    BTW,   Got the award:

               MOST HATED GUY IN POKER—-2011

  52. Jhonnyjones

    think he is banned from eddies game and brooklyn games
    hes a real bad dude.

  53. Joegorga

    AARON KATZ!     Every poker player alive knows about this dirtbag.
    He used to prowl around the Belligio poker room acting like he is playing
    and talking trash to and about high stakes players.  He’s a really jealous creepy type and says disgusting, vial things to women dealers and massage girls.
    I think people are kinda scared of him because he is sooooo evil looking and talking.  He is also a well-known cheater in the California casino’s and the reason he is on East Coast is just as expected—–because he is banned or busted in every casino on west coast!  He plays in Matt Glantz game in AC i heard.  Don’t know why really and what is up with that. 

  54. is this the real matt glantz

    everyone knows of aaron katz.  Just say, he will tap out of ac just like everywhere else.  none of the players want nothing to do with him in ac…
    what are they suppose to do with him . i heard they give free room to this dirt bag.  matt glantz should get him banned from the matt glantz room.  hee hee


  55. matt glantz room baby baby

    MATT GLANTZ room in AC?  Give me a break?  Hopefully, that was a BIG ole JOKE?  Did he not go running out of BOBBY’S room.  hell yeah


  56. Johnny

    Players are NOT wanting to play in that game because AARon Katz is there.
    It’s hurting that game because even the “big” fish are staying away.  He scares
    them off.  No player wants to listen or put up with him.  Plus, he does dirty underhanded things to other players and tells lies back in forth. 

  57. Lil

    I think the level of character assassination I have just read about Aaron Katz is disgusting.  Anyone who knows him is aware that he is an excellent player. Sounds like there are a lot of whiny, poor losers.

  58. Dan Michalski

    I agree, and struggle with whether or not I can leave these comments up. It’s all just hearsay about a guy I don’t know and have never met.
    Pokerati is not a place for personal attacks. At least not without a court order lol.

  59. BarneyRubble

    You wrote an article naming the “bad guys in poker” and yet you state this is not a place for personal attacks?! Cut me a break. You don’t know Aaron. I have known him since 1996, and I am a professional poker player. I have been around him, the games in which he has played and the people he has played with for almost 20 years. He is every bit as bad as they say he is, and conversely he is also a very good player. Nevertheless, a very very bad seed.

  60. Dan Michalski

    There is a big difference when people have charges against them, or I personally know of their misdeeds. I’ve left it all up for now because his defenders can just as easily post comments here, or AK could post himself.
    I’m confident we haven’t crossed into libel territory here, but just acknowledging to his line defender that I have no beef, nor direct knowledge of said beefs, either way.
    It’s not a personal attack when reporting verifiable facts.

    Hey, to some extent I’m a Russ Hamilton defender (because I don’t believe what the KGC told us) … But he’s still included because it is factual that he is perceived as a pariah.

  61. Lil

    Also, I must add that I have played with Aaron Katz on the west coast for many years and have always found him to be honest and upstanding.  These comments make me very angry that there a bunch of losers that would actually post such nonsense.  You will be lucky not to be sued for liable.  

  62. Steve

    Lil = Aaron

  63. jack

    FACT:  AAron Katz was just barred from Borgatta Hotel for stealing chips off someone stack.  You can call poker director.  Anyone that would take up for this guy MUST be just like him or does’nt know him.  He is also barred from Belligio and Commerce.  So LIL you think all these casino’s barred him for being “honest” and “upstanding?  I work at one of these casion’s and have seen the charges from over 25 employees alone.  Since you think he is so great LIL then why don’t you let him play in YOUR game because he running out of places..I guess next is Europe? BTW, No pro has ever lost to Aaron.  Actually he owes a game in NYC $1 million which his daddy is paying off.  Maybe LIL, you should check YOUR facts.  Maybe your aaron but, you don’t sound sleezy enough.

  64. Jac

    LIL …just thought YOU HAVE TO BE AAron.  He has no friends that would be very angry or want to sue for liable.  If you are being talked about bad on here than you DESERVE IT!!  AAron KATZ is a scumbag that has done bad things to people and places.  Hopefully Borgatta will press charges since it just happened.  So, AARON, thats what you get for being a scumbag and cheating people.  BTW,
    no one is sued for liable anymore.  Just does’nt happen you idiot.

  65. Anonymous

    LOL i play with AK 4-5 times a week. He might be a bit irritating at times and has a huge ego but he plays very well and I don’t think he has bad intentions. He has a bad rep but alot of it is “over the top.” I like the guy and he’s a beast at the tables very tough to play against.

  66. Dan Michalski

    then why are you “anonymous”? why not just say AK is my friend, my name is so-and-so, and i endorse this message?

  67. poker pariahs

    Please Google….
    GCA “Aaron Katz, honest player?”

    It’s funny, but 8 years ago.  It must have been the start of his demise…

  68. jim herron

    NEW BAD GUY:  The new Russ Hamilton,

    It is spreading through the poker world like wild fire.
      ELI ELEZRA has robbed poker players out of millions.  This coming from a top casino excutive that sent out a warning to all players NOT to loan money to Eli Elezra. He said that Eli Elezra has robbed over 20 players and then made threats to the players if they tried to collect the money he would make big trouble for them by making false police reports and playing the victim.  According to the casino exec he has been a liar and phony for years and scamming people.  He’s cllaiming the Eli also stole $2 million from Full Tilt (which who cares) and top players at Full Tilt and also from Bobby’s room.
    Heard magazines were going to do full articles after the investigation.

  69. Dan Michalski

    I thought the new Russ Hamilton was Howard Lederer.

    When you use the word “rob” do you mean like violently with a gun, white-collarish by lying to people so he can steal from them, or what?
    “rob” is a strong word if we’re just talking full tilt stuff still.

  70. scumbag poker players

    No, I mean he took personal BIG<BIG loans from top pro players.  He said he aint paying because of Full tilt of course!  that's the going excuse!
    He was getting 60,000 a month from Full Tilt and still would not pay hid debts.  he made threats to the players that tried to get him to pay. Searches me how the guy is still walking around.  Him and Eric Lingren.  They have NO remorse and are way worse than Howard!!!

  71. poker pariahs

    No, i mean FLAT OUT ROBBED!!!! He took personal loans, some 400 and 800,000 a piece from top pros.  Finally a player hired a pro collector and he made threats to the players,filed phony police reports and played the victim…All in your face—I’m ROBBING you kind of way.  Eric Lindren has done the samething and it’s sick.  they both blame Full Tilt of course although, ELi was getting 60,000 a month from Full Tilt and Eric Lindren $250,000 and they were not paying people back then.  All the while living lavish lifestyles, flying aaround on private jets and etc…might as well had a gun!

  72. Randy

    Eli Elezra robbed alot of pro’s out of millions.  Found to be a liar and has made threats to many players if they try to collect their money.  Beware of him.

  73. Mike Owens

    Dutch Boyd’s reputation is not reformed. He is still a POS

  74. Doyle

    Eli Elezra arrested at Belligio hotel the other night by FBI. He was picked up in valet. He is like a Bernie Madoff. He has fucked over a lot of people in the business. Heard he frauded a big casino boss and other powerful people.

  75. Dan Michalski

    if you are being true, send me a real email so i can ask you some real questions. otherwise this is just a lot of hot air. some cursory checks on the arrest you report have so far proven false.

  76. Ricky

    All top players are talking about how the Bellaigio is tainted now in Bobbys room. Bellagio is trying desperately to cover it up. Relocated a floor guy out of state at another casino. Everyone is really disappointed and angry with Doyle and Billy. Heard. They are heavy in debt and that’s why the did it. gaming is involved now