Eastgate and Ivey Make First WSOPE Caesars Cup Picks

by , Jun 30, 2009 | 5:34 pm

The first ever Caesars Cup is set to happen at the World Series of Poker Europe this year. The WSOPE (presented by Betfair) will offer four tournaments, and in the midst of it all will be the Caesars Cup, an invitation-only tournament to pit the Europeans against the Americans, on September 25.

Annette Obrestad is heading up the European team, and today at the Rio she made her first pick. Peter Eastgate will be joining her on the team, along with several other players to be announced, one of whom will win his/her way onto the team through a Betfair online poker leaderboard competition. Daniel Negreanu is the team leader for the Americas, and his first pick was announced by Jeffrey Pollack as Phil Ivey.

Annette Obrestad & Peter Eastgate v. Daniel Negreanu & Phil Ivey

Hard to place any bets at this point, considering many picks have yet to be made.

5 Comments to “Eastgate and Ivey Make First WSOPE Caesars Cup Picks”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    This is really great news. It will gain a massive amount of attention. I am a huge Annette fan. Will the European bookies post odds and seek action?

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  2. DanM

    Eastgate’s kinda a curious first pick for Europe, no? Kinda like picking Moneymaker in ’04?

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Think the players have already been chosen?

  4. DanM

    Ahh, ahh, I misread … I thought someone picked him … not that he was making the picks. now it makes sense.

  5. Lance

    You did misread – twice – get your eyes checked! Annette is the team captain and her first pick was Peter Eastgate. 🙂