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by , Jun 1, 2009 | 8:44 pm

Cliff is out of the Stimulus Special. He finished in 285th place (out of 6,012) for a payout of $2,921.

His twitter here.

Nice job, Clifford, and well done representin’ in your debut WSOP performance. You should feel really really good about how you played and what you did … and then after that subsides we can talk about that very questionable move you made with A-6 on the button (and then re-shoving on the flop of Q-6-x).

And with that experience in mind, Cliff will be playing in his second WSOP non-circuit event tomorrow, in the $1,500 NLH.

2 Comments to “RE: Team Pokerati Follows”

  1. On Tilt

    Cliff is my nemesis.(in a friendly way) That man hits cards against me like no one else I know.

    Anyway, congratulations Cliff. Nice showing. Don’t know how long your staying, but good luck on any future events.

  2. brdpoker

    Lol thanks On Tilt!

    fwiw I didn’t actually reshove per se… That implies that someone shoved in front of me. I did shove over his donk bet though. Typically a donk bet is pretty weak… Probably 75% of the time he’s lead-folding a ten, 88, two diamonds, etc.

    Anyway I felt like a donk and got mixed reviews on the play, but the couple of well known online pros said it was pretty standard.

    Thanks for the coverage… Hopefully we have something to get excited about today too.