Poker T-Shirts

by , Jul 4, 2009 | 11:18 am

Big ups to the WSOP for much better T-shirts for sale this year. Though shockingly they didn’t bring back the Phil Hellmuth camisa that listed all his bracelet wins on the back — I kinda wish I had one for the irony now that they’re gone — they do have this one, which is pretty funny to poker people and even funnier for the non-:

BTW, while we’re still thinking about and workshopping new names for the $1,500 Super Mega-Awesome-WSOP-Initiation No-Limit Hold’em Pokerthons, so long as the official WSOP store is selling the above shirts (and they should, because they’re funny), just sayin’ that some people might have a hard time letting go of the phrase “Donkaments”.

Meanwhile, this shirt is not for sale in the WSOP store, but is still pretty awesome, and doesn’t technically violate Rule #36, though I’m sure it insults somebody!

Thanks, Ed, for the link!

One Comment to “Poker T-Shirts”

  1. rojan

    NO GIRLS! I completely agree. I get so pissed when I come late for work because my girlfriend doesn’t like the medical scrubs I’m wearing. What more if she’s with me while playing poker? I can go crazy.