Cake Poker experiences software issue, awards pot to wrong player

by , Feb 3, 2010 | 5:17 pm

In light of what happened over a year ago at Ultimate Bet, where Phil Hellmuth won a pot he wasn’t entitled to, a similar issue popped up on Cake Poker earlier this afternoon. Per usual, a post came to the 2+2 poker forum with all the details, along with a confirmation in the thread from Lee Jones, card room manager of Cake Poker:

Hi folks –
Unfortunately, at the moment, this appears to be real. What’s bizarre is how it happened this one time out of the tens of millions of hands we’ve dealt. Needless to say, our software people have dropped everything else to track this down. I’ll update you as soon as we understand what happened.

A later post from Jones mentioned they would shut down the servers for a brief period of time to see if the issue reappears, more details and information as they become available.

2 Comments to “Cake Poker experiences software issue, awards pot to wrong player”

  1. Haley

    An obvious case of quantum tunneling.

  2. DanM

    haley let’s go right now … you and i, heads-up for $100. I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 10 …