Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 5 on Full Tilt

by , Apr 18, 2010 | 3:50 am

BBT5For those who like to blog and play poker, AlCantHang and Full Tilt Poker are holding Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 5. BBT5 is a six week series of poker tournaments that will give away in total three $12,000 WSOP Main Event packages and three $2,000 Bracelet Race packages.

Tonight at 7pm ET is the first of six $2,000 freerolls featuring bloggers such as Change100, Short-Stacked Shamus, Smokkee and myself among dozens of other bloggers, poker celebrities and other dignitaries. The top two spots in each BBT5 Invitational will be entered into the BBT ToC.

There will also be ToC spots available to winners of two private tournaments over the next six weeks. Those events are the weekly $24+2 Poker From the Rail tournament Mondays at 10pm ET and the $10+1 Mookie at 10pm Wednesdays.

One final $2,000 Bracelet Race package and $2,000 freeroll will be available to participating bloggers in the Blogger Battle Royal on June 6th at 2pm ET. Further details on all of these events can be found at FTP’s Poker From the Rail blog.

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