Pokerati Tourney Added to Savage/Hard Rock Series

Scott Fischman hosts mixed-game event, too

by , May 20, 2010 | 10:55 am

As the California State Poker Championship rages on at the Commerce (with cool trophies, gotta say), tournament director Matt Savage’s return to Vegas for an LV Poker Series at the Hard Rock has taken final shape. The series itself will now be called the Detox Poker Series. And Event #12 will be Pokerati NL/PLO.

click to view the whole schedule

It’s a $230 no-limit hold’em / pot-limit omaha event, with a single $200 rebuy. Gee, sounds like a typical night for yours truly at the Pokerati game.

Takes place at 5 pm on Wednesday, August 18.

The 1 pm that day, btw, is a $230 NL … with no rebuys but a $50,000 guarantee. (A Matt Savage guarantee, mind you, not an old-way Hard Rock guarantee … seriously, the new bosses there really seem to have turned things around, and intend to prove their stuff during the WSOP.)

The Pokerati NL/PLO event will qualify for CardPlayer Player of the Year standings, too. (As will all the events in the Detox Poker Series.)

You’ll notice another event added to the line-up is Event #6 … the Scott Fischman 7-Game Mix. I’ll have to find out what the games are he’s playing — have seen the regular cash game he hosts at the Hard Rock sometimes include as many as 13 games.

I’m pretty excited … and hope expect to see all of you there. It’s been too long since I’ve hosted a tournament … I wanted to TD this one actually, but alas, apparently Savage is “more experienced”. Whatever … if this goes well, maybe something akin to the Pokerati Invitational and Lodge Amateur Poker TOC can come of it.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be in Vegas, don’t forget, tonight is @Pokerati night @HardRockPoker … which generally means the best 1/2 NL/PLO in Vegas … lots of running-it-twice … $50 splash pots every half-hour … fun media types trading rumors and war stories … shameful amounts of twittering … usually a Euro or two … and almost always a Delta Beta or three who overplay their hands in PLO without a viable redraw.

17 Comments to “Pokerati Tourney Added to Savage/Hard Rock Series ”

  1. Tomdig

    I will be visiting Vegas next week and will try to hit your Thurs nite game.

  2. jeff

    will be organizing a group of fishy’s from right here on the gulf of mexico(corpus) to be there for the pokerati tourney.

  3. DanM

    Jeff and Tomdig … let me know if you need rooms. Can hook you up with a better-than-poker-rate at the Hard Rock for $69 (standard room) to $179 (fancy-shmancy room).

  4. jeff

    thanks, had our game last night have 3 committed. When it gets closer i will get wth u on the rooms.

  5. jeff

    by the way the link to full schedule not working

  6. DanM

    cool. but dude, are you sure? works fine here:

    maybe it’s firewall-blocked or something. If so will post it in a better, more visable way.

  7. Kevin Mathers


    The Pokerati event and the other $230 event do NOT qualify for CardPlayer POY points:

  8. DanM

    Dammit Kevin, you and you’re friggin “facts” and “evidence”.

    For now I’ll stick to what I think I heard somewhere along the way in the planning of this event. (I swear I didn’t imagine this.) But the link you provide does suggest some of those asterisks may be typos.

    (Ya know, not too many small buy-in tourneys get looked at this closely three months out. )

    Incidentally, that ad here is what’s running in Bluff and Cardplayer … yet online, CP’s got the schedule very differently:

    Not their fault … just must be a really early version that hasn’t been updated yet. If it turns out I was wrong, I’ll of course suck it up and offer to refund any buy-ins. I’m pretty sure, however, the registrations currently are minimal.

  9. Kevin Mathers

    I don’t know how many people are playing the lower buy-in events in August just for CP POY points, although it will count for Bluff POY points. They’ll certainly be there because Matt’s running the tournament, especially after the issues at the Hard Rock poker room that you’ve mentioned in the past.

  10. DanM

    kevin, perhaps the single rebuy is what brings the event over the $300 hurdle?

    And on that, where does the entry fee fit in? If an event was a $270+30 … would that make it CP POY eligible?

  11. DanM

    lol-ish … but i also notice the $140 mega-sat has a POY star by it, too.

  12. Kevin Mathers

    I told Matt about that last night when mentioning the other events.

    There used to be a time when CardPlayer would figure in the total number of rebuys to determine the buy-in. If they show a tournament as 270+30, I don’t think that would count. There aren’t many tournaments outside the WSOP that do the buy-in + entry fee and make it a round figure (ie. Main Event is 9400+600)

  13. DanM

    But there’s no rule on that, regarding rebuys? Or whether or not it differentiates between an entry fee and the buy-in? In a way, the amount the player has to put on the line is the same, regardless of how the tourney ops split it up. (Should a $200+200 charity tourney count? Or what about just a terribly over-raked for full-profit event, say a $290+60?)

    Funny, I never cared about CP’s POY rules until they somehow affected me. (And why is it that people seem to care more about CardPlayer points than Bluff — just longevity?)

  14. Kevin Mathers

    I’d assume it was longevity. For several years years Bluff’s POY was mainly determined by 5k buyin events and higher, but then changed over time to allow every event to count. Over time, CP POY criteria moved the minimum buyin from $200 to $300 allegedly after Men Nguyen would be found at every cheap tournament in LA to rack up the points.

  15. jeff

    Is it not time to shamelessly promote the Pokerati Tourn?

  16. DanM

    indeed, you are right. you’ll notice in the upper right of the site we’ve put a small banner for the detox poker series, with the pokerati date highlighted.

    that;s just the beginning of the shameless self-promotion of course. expect more after the million-dollar guarantee buzz. will likely be kicking it up a notch starting next week.

    i’ve already got you, jeff, pegged as likely to make the final table!

  17. jeff

    thanks for ur insight to my future poker success, yet i am only a small fish in a very large pond…….