More Half-and-Half FTW!

by , Jun 17, 2010 | 9:58 am

We had lots of fun in our special Tuesday running of “the ‘Ati game” (as called by a few locals who seldom read this site) … even though the well-bankrolled blogger drunks never even made it! Lesson learned … you can’t rely on the Drinky when it comes to making specific, time-based plans. Fortunately there were Poker Beat listeners who we’re ready to take their seats and jump into the fray. Game on again tonight, starting at 8 pm.

“At every [World] Series, you know you’re eventually going to get at least one great run of cards. After three weeks of grinding, mine finally came playing 1/2 in Dan’s stupid Pokerati game at the Hard Rock.”

— Donkeybomber,
on the importance of looking snazzy when you happen to start running good

We also got a special guest (the kind I can get a comp dinner) in DonkeyBomber … who decided to try to turn his WSOP around by playing a little low-stakes, drinks-flowing half-and-half … out of position against yours truly. I had him, too, in his first big hand, having flopped a set of Aces (playing them differently than he taught me), turned full-of-jacks (setting up a nice trap), only to see the one-outer on the river giving him quads. Asshole, why don’t you stick to your own damn games, Mr. “High Stakes” Pro with the Pants.

(My mistake for not forcing action on the turn, to get us all in so I could get half the pot on a second river.)

I also got crushed in the Song Game, with the Hard Rock’s high-tech itunes shuffle apparently pulling from a different list on Tuesdays compared to Thursdays. (No Brittney Spears?)

But still, too much fun and more tourists in town wanting to make sure they get a taste of the best low-stakes game in Vegas. Now running twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I won’t be able to get there til 8:30 tonight, but hope a few regulars can get it running before I arrive, so i can see stacks to determine who is playing well and/or getting lucky before i sit down.

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