Online Poker on Nightline Tonight

ABC News to spotlight teens, internet gambling

by , Aug 24, 2010 | 8:48 am

Nightline gets into the online gambling fray by taking a deeper look at internet poker players under age 21 — represented by defending WSOP champion Joe Cada and others — tonight on ABC at 11:35pm ET/PT.

For a preview:

Teenage Poker Players Go ‘All In’ Online
Before They’re Old Enough To Set Foot in Casinos, Teenagers Rake in Thousands

One Comment to “Online Poker on Nightline Tonight ”

  1. mattwaldron

    Headline looks like they’re encouraging it…

    Sadly, show like this are how the 60 year old voting public learn about online poker. Who knows…maybe Granny and Pop Pop will open a Full Tilt account.

    GrammyNumNums51 raises .81 and is all in.
    JonnysPopPop calls and shows 2-7 for bottom pair and rakes a $3 monster.

    GrammyNumNum51: that call was stupider than Clevelands stance on federal treasury reform!
    JonnysPopPop: So obvious you missed your flush draw…or maybe its the Adderol-Viagra cocktail talking.