New 3-hour Freeroll Blind Structure Taking Shape

by , Oct 22, 2010 | 12:12 am

Those dastardly SAEs won’t be allowed to play in the Pikes-only Northwestern homecoming freeroll, that’s for sure.

Pokerati is headed to Chicago for an event you may not know about, nor should you. The awesomely titled “Pike Poker Tourney” takes place at the Best Western-Evanston on Saturday, Oct. 23, after Northwestern’s (5-1) homecoming football game against Michigan State (7-0).

It’s a $1,000+ freeroll for Pi Kappa Alpha alums and actives … with $1k going to first, and 2nd through 4th TBA tomorrow. Economists have confirmed that $1k is still “a shitload” to college students.

I’ll be serving as executive floor honcho, and found out earlier today the original plan called for only 1,000 starting chips.


Just because this will be a very quick, luck-friendly 3(ish)-hour event doesn’t mean it has to suck! (We can stretch it to 4 hours if necessary, though it shouldn’t be hard to get players to push chips around — health officials confirm that college students still like to drink, as do aging alumni desperately trying to cling to their youth.)

Props to @SteveH369) for tipping me off to the blind structure calculator from It’s not perfect — got a list of unsolicited suggestions — but overall you can see how BV’s “Create a Tournament” feature will obviously drive Matt Savage out of business while landing Allen Kessler an endorsement deal.

One nifty thing I’ll be beta testing boldly and proudly introducing with this blind structure is the “stimulus add-on” … essentially, at each break all surviving players get extra chips. Like a soccer referee showing the stoppage time, I’ll declare how many chips (probably 5k, then 10k, then 0k) with 10 minutes to go before break.

(Love how the stimulus add-on announcement stands to change play at various points … as well as the potential for in-game TD corruption it creates!)

Check out the deeper-stacked structure for the Pike Poker Tourney below as I get back in touch with some of my underage gambling roots to study the next generation of midwestern fish.

Pike Poker Tourney

Starting Stack: 5000
Add-on Chips: variable at breaks – amount announced 10 min. before
Duration: 3.5 hours
Blind Structure
Level Time(min) Small Blind Big Blind Running Time
1 15 25 50 0:15
2 15 50 100 0:30
3 15 100 200 0:45
BREAK 10 min
4 15 200 400 1:00
5 15 300 600 1:15
6 15 500 1000 1:30
7 15 1000 2000 1:45
BREAK 10 min
8 15 2000 4000 2:00
9 15 3000 6000 2:15
10 15 5000 10000 2:30
11 15 10000 20000 2:45
12 15 20000 40000 3:00
BREAK 10 min
13 15 30000 60000 3:15
14 15 50000 100000 3:30
15 15 100000 200000 3:45

4 Comments to “New 3-hour Freeroll Blind Structure Taking Shape”

  1. Joey

    Hmmm…this is a lot more complicated than the games of “Dealer’s Choice” in the Pike Basement back in the day. You should combine it with a Century Club to make it even MORE interesting.

  2. Mark Gahagan

    So many frat stereotypes…so little time to list them all.

  3. DanM

    go football!

  4. Willie

    Now, I’m drawn.
    Do I mock Northwestern because their only loss was to Purdue (Boiler Up!) or do I mock the Pikes because, well, they’re Pikes?
    Decisions, decisions…