End Game Overview

by , Nov 8, 2010 | 11:23 pm

Well that’s all she wrote. It took about an hour and a half, far less than last year, but we have our 2010 WSOP ME champion, Jonathan Duhamel. After picking away at Racener’s stack for the better part of an hour, Racener was finally forced to go all in with Kd8d. That, however, couldn’t beat Duhamel’s AJo. We know who the winners and losers are from this heads up match, but a special edition of winners, losers, and coinflips for you to look at the others:


  • Joesph Cheong – He flamed out hardcore on Saturday, but was seen in the ESPN3 studio giving commentary in the tail-end of heads up. For the way he went out, I’d have no problem with him just sitting in the stands, so major props to him for coming back to help out.
  • Erik Seidel and Dan Harrington – Both gave great speeches in their own ways. Their Hall of Fame inductions are well deserved.
  • Jonathan Duhamel’s Fans – It makes very little sense for the Les Habs fans to chant “Ole!” but they are the most electric fans and had been for most of the final table matchup.


  • Jack Effel – He was a little less insane today (and yes I acknowledge his job is to keep the crowd interested), but he was still insane. (Maybe that was in the job description)
  • The media – There was a lot of “I don’t want to be here” attitude going around, myself included at times. If you can’t do 2 days, how do you do 6 weeks?


  • Twitter – For imposing a twitter cap that took effect at the exact same time as the last hand of the main event. Guess all those hand updates I was doing screwed me where it counted.
  • The interest added to the prize pool – Blame the economy all you want, but why even bother putting the prize pool into T-bills when you make a whopping $450 in the process. Hell, I’m pretty sure no one would care if Harrah’s pocketed that.

3 Comments to “End Game Overview”

  1. Live Poker

    Interest??? Not sure if that is legit or something I should be reading in between the lines but if you are indeed talking about interest on the prize pool for the players thats interesting becuase I would think the stingy bastards would be doing everything they can to squeeze every penny out of this process.

  2. Mark Gahagan

    As in interest you make in the bank. They did it in ’08 and made a few thousand, now they are making next to nothing because of the poor US economy. Point was I won’t be surprised if they scrap it as a “feature” of waiting til November but pocket the interest.

  3. traction

    I’m sure there was more interest made but after “management fees and costs” associated with the Tbills this is what was left over.