Weekly Podcast Roundup: Reid Bill Edition

by , Dec 10, 2010 | 6:05 pm

With all the talk over the past few days about the Harry Reid Poker Bill we take a listen and bring you up to date on some of the podcast that have discussed the topic.

The Poker Edge:

Phil Gordon and Andrew Feldman welcomed John Pappas of the PPA to the show this week to discuss the Reid Bill. John stated that the PPA has been in negotiations with Senator Reid and other key Senate leaders to include an Internet gaming bill during the lame duck session. He stated that if a bill is not passed before the end of the session that players can expect to see more state legislation to be introduced. The crew also discussed how the proposed 15-month ban will play out, one of the key points was that there will more than likely be a site that chooses to be the renegade and provide a service to the US market since it will be lucrative for them due to a limited market. You can listen to the entire podcast on ESPN.com, or download it directly via iTunes.

Final Table Poker Radio:

Paul Harris and Dennis Phillips discuss how the proposed 15-month ban will affect those players that use their poker winnings to supplement their normal income. They also discuss how different Internet poker will look once the US market opens back up and how this bill will not only affect the US but also the foreign market in the future. The crew also discuss the short and long term affects that this bill will have on not only online but the live poker world. If you want to listen to the entire show or catch up on previous show you can either visit The Final Table site or check it out on iTunes.

Two Plus Two Pokercast:

The guys over at Two Plus Two discussed the Reid bill with Rich Muny from the PPA, the discussion on the bill starts at the 1 hour 16 minute mark. Rich discusses how much the PPA was involved in the writing of the bill, he stated that one of the biggest provisions that the PPA fought for was to keep the players from being fined have legal action taken against them for playing since the UIGEA was first introduced. They also get SteveD from Pokerstars on to discuss the Isildur1 signing, the main focus was about the weekly 2,500 hand HU challenge. Players can either buy directly into the 4-table match or can satellite into the challenge. The discussion turned into wether or not a reveal will be made at the PCA coming up in January. You can listen to the podcast on the Pokercast site or via iTunes.

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