A Word from the Pokerati Morlock

by , Jan 23, 2011 | 11:04 am

Item uno: I’m doing some back-end (*giggle*) work to make our beloved Pokerati run better. If you see any errors or have any complaints, leave a comment here.

Item two-o: I just deleted a massive number of registered so-called users who all used what look like spam ids and .ru mail domains. If you’re a real live Russki, who enjoys and contributes to Pokerati, then I highly recommend that you get a real email address on a legitimate server, and register with a name that is recognizable as a nickname and not just a string of random English alphabet characters. Then, leave me a comment here, and I’ll send you a code word that will verify you’re a real human, and I won’t delete your ID again. Because I’m going to be on the lookout for a while and nuking the random jackwagon userids. Please don’t take offense at being called a Russki — I love your smoking hot women, and the AK-47. Oh, and vodka. That DirecTV commercial with the mini-giraffe? That’s how I think all Russkis live…

Item The Last: upgrades will be coming soon, though it shouldn’t affect any of you lovely people.

One Comment to “A Word from the Pokerati Morlock”

  1. Dan Michalski

    Scott Chaffin, ladies and gentlemen … he’s here all week.

    You can enjoy his regular Texas grumblings at http://thefatguy.com. (Once upon a time that site used to be considered a “poker blog”, lol.)