Scott Chaffin

Head Morlock for the Pokerati Empire

Widely considered to be the most handsome man in South Texas, Scott is available for all manner of work at almost any time: website design, SOHO optimization, video surveillance, and small to medium acreage shredding.

Posts by Scott Chaffin:

  • Texas? REPUBLICAN? Endorses Online Poker?!?!?!

    25 May 2011

    I know it runs counter to conventional poker(ati) wisdom that this could be true, but, well, it kinda is: Republicans offered some hope Tuesday to online poker players sidelined by the Obama administration’s “Black Friday” crackdown. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) is planning to introduce legislation that would legalize and regulate online poker and said he […]

  • FT returns to the tubes?

    21 Apr 2011

    Pokerati Morlock here. I hope I’m not stepping on any editorial toes here, and I’m certainly informing you of something that a well-informed bunch of readers like Pokerati already know, but… The bad Word-doc-as-GIF is gone from, and it redirects to I was able to download a new client, and install it, and […]

  • Brief Technical Note

    18 Apr 2011

    Pokerati Morlock here…we’ve installed and activated the Disqus commenting system. This addition allows you to now log in and comment with any number of popular social networking platforms like that Twitter dealio the kids use, and that Facebook whatchamacallit that your mom uses. Should you run into any problems, leave a comment — we’ll find […]

  • A Word from the Pokerati Morlock

    23 Jan 2011

    Item uno: I’m doing some back-end (*giggle*) work to make our beloved Pokerati run better. If you see any errors or have any complaints, leave a comment here. Item two-o: I just deleted a massive number of registered so-called users who all used what look like spam ids and .ru mail domains. If you’re a […]

  • How about that? A nice

    29 May 2008

    How about that? A nice shiny new toy.

  • Check 1,2

    27 Apr 2008

    Is this thing working again, again? ‘Twasn’t Dan this time… Thanks to an overnight potential l33t h4x0rz attempt, I’ve added some slight security to our favorite pokering website, so…everybody will have to re-login. Your password will not have changed, if you can remember what it was. If not, just reset it…and if you’ve got problems […]

  • Test Post

    22 Apr 2008

    Does this thing work again?

  • Back-End Upgrade

    03 Feb 2008

    No, I’m not getting a butt-lift. We’re doing some maintenance. Appearance and operation could be affected in a way you’re not used to. Go play a nice MTT and check back with us later. The butt-lift seems to have gone well.  If you detect any problems with your Pokerati experience, please leave a comment here, […]