Check 1,2

by , Apr 27, 2008 | 6:11 am

Is this thing working again, again?

‘Twasn’t Dan this time…

Thanks to an overnight potential l33t h4x0rz attempt, I’ve added some slight security to our favorite pokering website, so…everybody will have to re-login. Your password will not have changed, if you can remember what it was. If not, just reset it…and if you’ve got problems after that, email Dan.

DEAR SWEET MERCIFUL LORD IN HEAVEN UPDATE: And once more with feeling, folks. And no small dismissive don’t-care attitude from the snot-nosed punk at level 1 support for the “providers” of “hosting” for this here site.

Nerses: well, Scott that is something that you can’t just know, you have to learn the Linux OS
Nerses: you can get some books, like RHCE book is pretty good guide

Cocksucker. His bosses will know pretty quickly on Monday morning that, while I did fall off of a hay wagon, it wasn’t just yesterday.

6 Comments to “Check 1,2”

  1. Dan M

    At least the hackers are nice enough to do it on a weekend.

  2. Scott Chaffin

    Yeah, but it’s bulky item pickup this week, and I’ve got 2 hours of daylight left. I hate the internets.

  3. Dan M

    BTW, I thought we loved websitesource. Are they bad guys now? I still get harassed by our non-friends at StartLogic.

  4. Dan M

    And 133t!?! that’s the same “code” we were discussing here:

  5. Scott Chaffin

    They just did a pretty massive upgrade. I’m not impressed with their planning and execution, but then, I’m a mainframe guy where .24 hours of downtime was a firing offense, much less 24. And no matter how much I wanted to, I never told a customer to RTFM.

  6. Ed

    I still love Dreamhost even though they have had some issues lately. Been with them since 2000 and anytime there is an issue they are pretty quick to respond and come up with a plan so that it does not happen again.